Top Agents in Naples, Florida – Individuals By Volume

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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Karen Van ArsdalePremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$237,619,000View Profile
2Frank SajtarWilliam RaveisNaples , FL$167,449,000View Profile
3Rex MillerWilliam RaveisNaples , FL$139,651,568View Profile
4Dante DisabatoWilliam RaveisNaples , FL$129,526,450View Profile
5Paul ArpinPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$121,856,050View Profile
6Kim PricePremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$118,269,000View Profile
7Ryan ChiodoEngel & Völkers Olde NaplesNaples, FL$107,467,999View Profile
8Frank PezzutiPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$85,052,995View Profile
9John Paul PrebishWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$83,352,812View Profile
10James BatesPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$81,613,070View Profile
11Heather HobrockPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$69,598,919View Profile
12Joseph CaveneyWilliam RaveisNaples , FL$67,737,392View Profile
13Kevin FullerWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$54,649,450View Profile
14Christopher BraunWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$51,282,500View Profile
15David GruningerWilliam RaveisNaples, FL$51,087,313View Profile
16Peter ReppucciWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$46,507,000View Profile
17Zachary DreierPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$44,461,849View Profile
18Katie WerchekLuxRe, LLCNaples, FL$43,925,500View Profile
19Emily KonopasekCompassNaples, FL$42,709,500View Profile
20Thomas OstranderEngel & Völkers Olde NaplesNaples, FL$42,254,500View Profile
21Sherry IrvinPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$41,721,280View Profile
22Maggie IvesPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$40,547,000View Profile
23Jane DarlingPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$39,330,000View Profile
24Kimberly WagnerDouglas EllimanNaples, FL$38,675,348View Profile
25Andrew AlvarezDouglas EllimanNaples, FL$37,995,844View Profile
26Meggan BradleyJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$37,835,375View Profile
27Donald WinklerWilliam RaveisNaples , FL$37,695,000View Profile
28Phillip Blair White John R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$37,465,675View Profile
29Ian RudnickWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$34,160,994View Profile
30Rigoni Group CompassNaples, FL$32,917,581View Profile
31Lori FowlerColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$32,362,836View Profile
32Catherine McavoyPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$31,555,000View Profile
33Michael MaurerWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$31,489,850View Profile
34Laurie ZoerbJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$31,445,721View Profile
35Renee HahnWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$30,712,050View Profile
36Taylor StewartCompassNaples, FL$30,516,777View Profile
37Matthew BrownWilliam RaveisNaples , FL$29,833,749View Profile
38Brenda RuthPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$29,084,500View Profile
39Deidre McClainJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$28,430,133View Profile
40Judy WilsonColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$27,951,147View Profile
41Pamela KeyesColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$27,227,570View Profile
42Lynn Charlas WhiteColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$27,082,570View Profile
43Anna HagstromJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$26,824,500View Profile
44Patrick O’ConnorPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$26,591,107View Profile
45Mary Jo Chamberlin John R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$25,780,300View Profile
46Janet RathbunPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$25,778,006View Profile
47The Kathy & Michael Team –CompassNaples, FL$24,974,800View Profile
48Dan DiekneiteWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$24,947,497View Profile
49Steve SimsWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$24,523,142View Profile
50Hans HaedeltCompassNaples, FL$24,485,440View Profile
51James BerkPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$24,451,494View Profile
52Jamie DockweilerPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$24,316,233View Profile
52Jeffrey LittlePremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$24,316,233View Profile
54Palwascha RobinsonKeller Williams Realty NaplesNaples, FL$24,305,760View Profile
55Anita CollettiJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$24,277,500View Profile
56Pat HillEngel & Völkers Olde NaplesNaples, FL$24,177,050View Profile
57Julie RembosPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$23,912,990View Profile
58Jamie ChangPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$23,886,097View Profile
59Walter PatrickPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$23,850,000View Profile
60Melinda GuntherPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$23,408,500View Profile
61Patti FergusonWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$23,304,810View Profile
62Beth BrownWilliam RaveisNaples, FL$22,757,399View Profile
63Maureen SexsonBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida RealtyNaples, FL$22,445,683View Profile
64Sandra Mccarthy-MeeksPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$22,307,942View Profile
65Vince NapoleonColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$22,062,655View Profile
66Yochi MelnickWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$22,028,500View Profile
67Randy KeysRE/MAX Blue SkiesNaples, FL$21,904,500View Profile
68Susan GardnerPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$21,618,500View Profile
69Donna MarcotteJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$21,392,497View Profile
70Sheree Lee GoldenbaumWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$21,246,860View Profile
71Erik David BarberPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$21,083,809View Profile
72Janine MonfortPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$21,074,465View Profile
73Karl FaerberWilliam RaveisNaples , FL$20,923,250View Profile
74Lauren TarantoColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$20,258,000View Profile
75Frank EhrhardtJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$19,749,900View Profile
76Melissa WilliamsPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$18,884,923View Profile
77Daniel GuentherPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$18,884,101View Profile
78Stephen AllisonPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$18,865,000View Profile
79Susan BartonPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$18,737,900View Profile
80Jean TarkentonWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$18,699,000View Profile
81Erika RohdeColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$18,583,125View Profile
82Mark BensonKeller Williams Realty NaplesNaples, FL$18,408,000View Profile
83Steve SmileyPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$18,333,000View Profile
84D’Layne GraneyColdwell Banker RealtyNaples, FL$18,325,657View Profile
85Rebecca SinatraPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$17,869,080View Profile
86Kim VaughanBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida RealtyNaples, FL$17,844,125View Profile
87Joe JanischKeller Williams Realty NaplesNaples, FL$17,842,500View Profile
88Angela AllenPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$17,400,000View Profile
89Allison KennedyEngel & Völkers Olde NaplesNaples, FL$17,106,361View Profile
90Michelle AbnerJohn R. Wood Properties Christies International Real EstateNaples, FL$17,089,491View Profile
91Heather LarkinWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$16,982,685View Profile
92Laurel Anne Mcgarel, PaMVP Realty Associates, LLCNaples, FL$16,873,998View Profile
93Elaine FalkenbergWilliam Raveis Naples , FL$16,685,000View Profile
94Cynthia RosaPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$16,589,000View Profile
95Claudia VitulichPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$16,450,876View Profile
96Friley SaucierPremier Sotheby’s International RealtyNaples, FL$16,289,000View Profile
97Heather ThompsonBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida RealtyNaples, FL$16,155,865View Profile
98Mel BiondiCompassNaples, FL$16,131,689View Profile
99Mary Catherine BaylinEngel & Völkers Olde NaplesNaples, FL$16,008,864View Profile

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2022 Market Summary

Naples, Florida started 2022 with a total of 553 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $809,000 and an average price per square foot of $650. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 1,257 homes on the market (+127%), with a median home price of $999,000 (+23%) and an average price per square foot of $761 (+17%).

At the start of 2022, the median days on market (DOM) was 42 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had increased to 70 days.

Naples started the year with 21% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 33% of Naples homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Naples started 2022 as a seller’s market, with an MAI score of 44; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 27 – a buyer’s advantage.

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