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RealTrends Rankings Submission

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Submission Thresholds

Minimum Sides Minimum Volume
Agents 40 $16 million
Teams 60 $24 million
Brokerages 500 $350 million

Don’t meet the qualifications? We will still verify and rank you within your city and create your RealTrends profile!

Important Dates

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Brokerage Rankings Agent/Team Rankings
Submission Open Date 1/3/2024 1/3/2024
Submission Close Date 3/1/2024 4/26/2024
Publication Dates mid-March mid-June

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Refund policy: By submitting an eligible application for the RealTrends The Thousand and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals rankings program you agree to submit verification documentation to support your stated residential real estate production numbers. RealTrends reserves the right to modify your stated production in the even that your stated production does not match submitted verification information. RealTrends will contact you should your residential real estate production information change during our review process, and allow you the opportunity to respond to any changes (including requesting removal from the rankings with a refund). Refund requests will be accepted and honored before the rankings results are published. RealTrends will not accept refund requests on submissions after ranking results have been published. Refunds will be processed within 5-10 business days, and funds returned no later than 15 business days after your eligible refund request is placed.