Top Agents in Chicago, Illinois – Individuals By Volume

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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Steven KolenoEXIT Strategy RealtyChicago, IL$660,740,712View Profile
2Chezi RafaeliColdwell Banker RealtyChicago, IL$126,752,862View Profile
3Timothy SalmJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$107,364,750View Profile
4Nancy TassoneJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$97,012,639View Profile
5Linda FeinsteinCompassChicago, IL$82,711,484View Profile
6Melissa KingsburyRedfinChicago, IL$65,521,510View Profile
7Jason O’BeirneJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$60,306,325View Profile
8Michael RosenblumBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL$55,743,542View Profile
9Cadey O’LearyJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$55,046,492View Profile
10Paul Mancini@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$51,821,400View Profile
11Suzanne Gignilliat@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$47,303,500View Profile
12Keith BrandBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL$46,422,917View Profile
13Joanne NemerovskiCompassChicago, IL$46,175,500View Profile
14Michael HallBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$45,311,400View Profile
15Daniel CloseRedfinChicago, IL$44,817,341View Profile
16Millie RosenbloomBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$44,367,259View Profile
17Layching QuekRedfinChicago, IL$42,188,650View Profile
18Linda LevinJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$42,000,150View Profile
19Beth BehlingRedfinChicago, IL$40,203,578View Profile
20Matt LeutheuserJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$39,357,490View Profile
21Cory GreenCompassChicago, IL$37,973,807View Profile
22Rachel KruegerJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$37,818,688View Profile
23Niko VoutsinasRedfinChicago, IL$36,614,700View Profile
24Brian Behan@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$36,391,811View Profile
25Sara SogolRedfinChicago, IL$36,139,848View Profile
26Nicholas ColagiovanniBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$35,033,750View Profile
27John LitrentaRedfinChicago, IL$33,738,336View Profile
28Ed Jelinek@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$33,483,008View Profile
29Elizabeth August@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$33,015,900View Profile
30Nathan FreebornRedfinChicago, IL$32,338,426View Profile
31Kelly StetlerCompassChicago, IL$32,039,071View Profile
32Aaron ShareCompassChicago, IL$31,489,700View Profile
33Stephanie LoverdeBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$31,394,031View Profile
34Connie Engel@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$31,190,650View Profile
35Cindi Sodolski Group –CompassChicago, IL$31,114,895View Profile
36Nadine FerrataCompassChicago, IL$31,038,409View Profile
37Ryan MckaneRedfinChicago, IL$30,322,950View Profile
38Chris EngelmannRedfinChicago, IL$30,203,350View Profile
39Peter MooreBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$30,139,350View Profile
40Megan Tirpak@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$28,925,250View Profile
41Denis HorganRedfinChicago, IL$28,612,990View Profile
42Mark ZippererRE/MAX NextChicago, IL$28,376,800View Profile
43Brant BookerJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$27,440,605View Profile
44Christopher PaulRedfinChicago, IL$27,232,474View Profile
45Michael MaierBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL$27,094,750View Profile
46Terrie WhittakerRedfinChicago, IL$26,775,127View Profile
47Rick BabbRedfinChicago, IL$26,617,463View Profile
48Bruce Glazer@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$26,375,100View Profile
49Randy Nasatir@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$25,416,700View Profile
50Cindy WeinrebRedfinChicago, IL$25,408,300View Profile
51Patrick TeetsJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$24,993,773View Profile
52Meg DadayKW ONEChicagoChicago, IL$24,894,900View Profile
53Juana HoneycuttJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$24,725,360View Profile
54Christy AlwinRedfinChicago, IL$24,665,600View Profile
55Stacey DombarRedfinChicago, IL$24,616,237View Profile
56Sherri HokeJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$24,266,000View Profile
57Steven PowersCENTURY 21 S.G.R., Inc.Chicago, IL$24,221,320View Profile
58Robert YoshimuraCompassChicago, IL$24,097,900View Profile
59Joelle Hayes@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$23,802,500View Profile
60David YocumRedfinChicago, IL$23,576,315View Profile
61Cynthia StolfeRedfinChicago, IL$23,450,022View Profile
62Lyn HarvieBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$23,377,900View Profile
63Mike WolsonCompassChicago, IL$23,165,300View Profile
64Erick MatosRE/MAX LoyaltyChicago, IL$23,084,555View Profile
65Chris VernaldCorcoran Urban Real EstateChicago, IL$22,537,786View Profile
66Anne RossleyBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$22,533,312View Profile
67Jeannie KurtzhaltsCompassChicago, IL$22,385,250View Profile
68Tiffeny MeyersRedfinChicago, IL$22,310,800View Profile
69Michael McguinnessRedfinChicago, IL$22,223,769View Profile
70Cesar JuarezRedfinChicago, IL$22,114,200View Profile
71Susan O’ConnorBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL$22,066,208View Profile
72Jenn RiveraRedfinChicago, IL$21,889,190View Profile
73Tom CamponeKW ONEChicagoChicago, IL$21,843,600View Profile
74Shannon KutchekCompassChicago, IL$21,742,300View Profile
75Carol CollinsJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$21,737,550View Profile
76The Huyler Group –CompassChicago, IL$21,613,900View Profile
77Camie CirrincioneRedfinChicago, IL$20,983,542View Profile
78Marybeth DurkinRedfinChicago, IL$20,856,728View Profile
79Luminita IspasCENTURY 21 S.G.R., Inc.Chicago, IL$20,714,705View Profile
80Brian LoomisColdwell Banker RealtyChicago, IL$20,560,500View Profile
81Brittany StraleRedfinChicago, IL$20,262,200View Profile
82Armando ChaconCENTURY 21 S.G.R., Inc.Chicago, IL$20,060,299View Profile
83Kelly AngelopoulosJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$19,691,784View Profile
84Victoria SteinCompassChicago, IL$19,669,610View Profile
85Lindsay SchulzRedfinChicago, IL$19,384,445View Profile
86Jenny Stokes HabetlerRedfinChicago, IL$19,334,990View Profile
87Marzena FraustoRedfinChicago, IL$19,242,299View Profile
88Mark KowalikBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$19,241,800View Profile
89Christopher ProkopiakRedfinChicago, IL$19,177,540View Profile
90Lisa HuberBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL$19,143,792View Profile
91Mike HerrickRedfinChicago, IL$19,127,450View Profile
92Chris GomesJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$19,037,677View Profile
93Mario DilorenzoKW ONEChicagoChicago, IL$19,002,500View Profile
94Mary Macdiarmid@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$18,948,567View Profile
95Becky WipperfurthRedfinChicago, IL$18,900,224View Profile
96Lindsay EverestBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL$18,816,000View Profile
97Steve OtwellRedfinChicago, IL$18,807,382View Profile
98Sam JenkinsJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$18,787,070View Profile
99Veronica RodriguezRedfinChicago, IL$18,721,000View Profile
100Kimberly CardilliRedfinChicago, IL$18,643,736View Profile
101Greg WhelanRedfinChicago, IL$18,592,150View Profile
102Salvador GonzalezRE/MAX Mi CasaChicago, IL$18,562,750View Profile
103Jennifer EngelRedfinChicago, IL$18,498,630View Profile
104Fel SalgadoRedfinChicago, IL$18,430,289View Profile
105Steve DombarRedfinChicago, IL$18,334,850View Profile
106Jordan ChalmersBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$18,258,400View Profile
107Pam RueveJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$18,144,875View Profile
108Pasquale Recchia@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$18,057,250View Profile
109Ken SnedegarRedfinChicago, IL$18,020,079View Profile
110Nancy NugentJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$17,887,500View Profile
111Matt ShrakeColdwell Banker RealtyChicago, IL$17,863,775View Profile
112Ashley ArzerRedfinChicago, IL$17,833,160View Profile
113John LyonsBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$17,765,500View Profile
114Daniel CsukRedfinChicago, IL$17,666,999View Profile
115Molly MarinoBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$17,645,800View Profile
116Sarah MachmouchiRedfinChicago, IL$17,619,100View Profile
117Kathy SchrageRedfinChicago, IL$17,590,500View Profile
118Sheila DantzlerJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$17,519,575View Profile
119Mary Lusk Group –CompassChicago, IL$17,503,656View Profile
120Jennifer OukrustCompassChicago, IL$17,487,400View Profile
121Sylvia ChliborobRedfinChicago, IL$17,261,300View Profile
122Nevin NelsonRedfinChicago, IL$17,201,301View Profile
123Lital AvnetJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$17,106,917View Profile
124Dan BergmanRedfinChicago, IL$17,094,845View Profile
125Rubina BokhariCompassChicago, IL$17,091,906View Profile
126The Charese Team –CompassChicago, IL$17,079,128View Profile
127Bethanie Williams@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$17,040,150View Profile
128Pat Young@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL$16,985,250View Profile
129Scott ShapiroRedfinChicago, IL$16,884,375View Profile
130Kathryn PintoCompassChicago, IL$16,883,626View Profile
131Diana BzdykCompassChicago, IL$16,754,158View Profile
132Bucky CrossBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$16,671,230View Profile
133Jacqueline AlterRedfinChicago, IL$16,586,788View Profile
134Brett BoudartRedfinChicago, IL$16,490,477View Profile
135Cheryl VoltzRedfinChicago, IL$16,487,019View Profile
136Chris KatsulisBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$16,472,801View Profile
137Brett LarsonRedfinChicago, IL$16,455,685View Profile
138Jake TasharskiCompassChicago, IL$16,366,000View Profile
139Lauren DaytonJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL$16,360,775View Profile
140Nichole DininoRedfinChicago, IL$16,313,800View Profile
141Marc ZaleCompassChicago, IL$16,187,500View Profile
142Susan MorrowBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$16,052,000View Profile
143Brant SichkoBaird & WarnerChicago, IL$16,014,537View Profile
144Lina Lee@propertiesChicago, IL$16,000,000View Profile

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2022 Market Summary

Chicago, Illinois started 2022 with a total of 1,600 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $285,000 and an average price per square foot of $216. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 2,060 homes on the market (+28%), with a median home price of $268,950 (-5%) and an average price per square foot of $198 (-8%).

At the start of 2022, the median days on market (DOM) was 70 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had increased to 84 days.

Chicago started the year with 39% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 51% of Chicago homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Chicago started 2022 as a seller’s market, with an MAI score of 42; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 29 – a buyer’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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Several of Chicago’s top producing agents have spent the first half of July engaged in a game of musical chairs. On Monday, Crystal Tran and her team of 10 agents announced that they were departing Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago for @properties Christie’s International Real Estate. Four days later, Alicia Blumer and Jon Fox announced they […]