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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Richard BryanFridrich & Clark RealtyNashville, TN$96,933,495View Profile
2Brian StoltzfusParks Real EstateNashville, TN$67,597,990View Profile
3The Lira Group –CompassNashville, TN$57,979,294View Profile
4The Michelle Maldonado Team –CompassNashville, TN$53,956,082View Profile
5Sydney MccannParks Real EstateNashville, TN$51,913,827View Profile
6Chad WohlersParks Real EstateNashville, TN$47,561,886View Profile
7Gabrielle DodsonCompassNashville, TN$45,012,000View Profile
8Vini MoolchandaniCompassNashville, TN$38,675,321View Profile
9Tony Carletello Team –CompassNashville, TN$37,691,590View Profile
10Jennifer BowersRedfinNashville, TN$36,964,951View Profile
11Mike EstesRedfinNashville, TN$35,963,915View Profile
12Mary Beth ThomasParks Real EstateNashville, TN$33,695,872View Profile
13Maria HollandRE/MAX Homes and Estates, Lipman GroupNashville, TN$32,974,325View Profile
14Melanie BakerZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$32,653,520View Profile
15Barbara Keith PaynePilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$32,488,270View Profile
16Jessica RandolphCompassNashville, TN$32,323,252View Profile
17Beth BrownReliant Realty ERA PoweredNashville, TN$29,991,223View Profile
18Caroline RosenbergCompassNashville, TN$29,791,229View Profile
19Rachel BrewerCompassNashville, TN$28,988,100View Profile
20Rick DeckbarCompassNashville, TN$28,899,250View Profile
21Sam AntoCompassNashville, TN$28,511,775View Profile
22Dana GriscomPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$28,346,480View Profile
23Allen DecuyperParks Real EstateNashville, TN$26,789,960View Profile
24Rebecca Norris DinapoliCompassNashville, TN$26,000,000View Profile
25Joni MillerParks Real EstateNashville, TN$25,660,079View Profile
26Ethan LanaganCompassNashville, TN$25,568,880View Profile
27Jessica AverbuchZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$24,213,695View Profile
28Cindy WallaceCompassNashville, TN$24,200,000View Profile
29Allyson WoosleyParks Real EstateNashville, TN$24,080,194View Profile
30Nic KerdilesCompassNashville, TN$23,103,500View Profile
31Eddie FerrellCrye-Leike Realtors Nashville , TN$22,548,800View Profile
32Wendy MondayParks Real EstateNashville, TN$22,371,691View Profile
33Chip WilkisonEngel & Völkers NashvilleNashville, TN$22,097,200View Profile
34Dorothy CurtisZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$22,040,000View Profile
35Becky HoltzclawRedfinNashville, TN$21,864,744View Profile
36Ansley GoodheartCompassNashville, TN$21,492,017View Profile
37Amy Jackson SmithEngel & Völkers NashvilleNashville, TN$21,460,000View Profile
38Lori CloudKeller Williams Realty Nashville Music CityNashville, TN$21,414,114View Profile
39Lisa GastonCompassNashville, TN$20,952,498View Profile
40Nathan MatwijecZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$20,827,489View Profile
41Fran WolfeCompassNashville, TN$20,320,275View Profile
42Tom MurrayEngel & Völkers NashvilleNashville, TN$20,297,200View Profile
43Jay LowenthalZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$20,274,995View Profile
44Brett SheriffPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$19,511,503View Profile
45Jenilee AnthonyCompassNashville, TN$19,336,750View Profile
46Gina McmullenRedfinNashville, TN$19,204,330View Profile
47Christine QuillinParks Real EstateNashville, TN$19,170,000View Profile
48Caroline SmithParks Real EstateNashville, TN$18,958,600View Profile
49Jeremy JeterEngel & Völkers NashvilleNashville, TN$18,956,821View Profile
50Kloess To Home Team –CompassNashville, TN$18,903,845View Profile
51Deborah VahleParks Real EstateNashville, TN$18,901,911View Profile
52The Jule Team –CompassNashville, TN$18,700,000View Profile
53Chirag PatelReliant Realty ERA PoweredNashville, TN$18,699,680View Profile
54John LandingBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont RealtyNashville, TN$18,658,043View Profile
55Kevin WilsonPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$18,645,416View Profile
56Sheila ReutherEngel & Völkers NashvilleNashville, TN$18,641,200View Profile
57Leslie KarlParks Real EstateNashville, TN$18,635,000View Profile
58Mona WilsonRE/MAX Homes and EstatesNashville, TN$18,531,583View Profile
59Julie CasassaZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$18,463,287View Profile
60Shane TallantParks Real EstateNashville, TN$18,087,274View Profile
61Michael OliveiraCompassNashville, TN$18,014,478View Profile
62Cass+Martin –CompassNashville, TN$17,933,741View Profile
63Jennifer ClaxtonParks Real EstateNashville, TN$17,793,612View Profile
64Sarah NicodemusCompassNashville, TN$17,760,769View Profile
65Shannon BartonPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$17,627,000View Profile
66Angela WrightCompassNashville, TN$17,548,756View Profile
67Shauna BrooksZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$17,470,388View Profile
68Lawrence LipmanRE/MAX Homes and EstatesNashville, TN$17,406,800View Profile
69Dj FarrisPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$17,289,607View Profile
70Matt DallyCompassNashville, TN$17,230,000View Profile
71Suzanne McmillanZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$17,157,152View Profile
72Theo AntoniadisPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$16,986,503View Profile
73Tara DeselmsZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$16,916,971View Profile
74Chase SmithParks Real EstateNashville, TN$16,900,000View Profile
75Amy WeisCompassNashville, TN$16,891,503View Profile
76Betsy PeeblesPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$16,861,764View Profile
77Michele MazzuCrye-Leike RealtorsNashville, TN$16,531,100View Profile
78Greta SpringerPilkerton RealtorsNashville, TN$16,444,000View Profile
79Stephanie KleinerZeitlin Sotheby’s International RealtyNashville, TN$16,443,423View Profile
80Denise BattlesParks Real EstateNashville, TN$16,200,000View Profile
81Chelsea Bell BaileyBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont RealtyNashville, TN$16,110,833View Profile
82Kristin SanchezRedfinNashville, TN$16,066,750View Profile
83Drew ShannonCompassNashville, TN$16,035,250View Profile

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2022 Market Summary

Nashville, Tennessee started 2022 with a total of 293 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $595,000 and an average price per square foot of $358. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 987 homes on the market (+236%), with a median home price of $685,000 (+15%) and an average price per square foot of $382 (+6%).

At the start of 2022, the median days on market (DOM) was 35 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had increased to 70 days.

Nashville started the year with 22% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 51% of Nashville homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Nashville started 2022 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 78; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 35 – a slight seller’s advantage.

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