Top Agents in Connecticut – Individuals By Volume

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Rank – State VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Ellen MosherHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$143,472,750View Profile
2 Leslie McelwreathSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$140,456,250View Profile
3 Joseph BarbieriSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$106,711,480View Profile
4Robert JohnsonBrown Harris StevensGreenwich, CT$102,308,800View Profile
5Amanda MillerHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$95,997,533View Profile
6Julie ChurchHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$94,606,000View Profile
7Christopher FinlayBrown Harris StevensGreenwich, CT$87,756,000View Profile
8Bk BatesHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$81,745,000View Profile
9Yashmin LloydsCompassGreenwich, CT$80,953,513View Profile
10Cyd HamerWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyWestport, CT$80,713,430View Profile
11Margaret MuirWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyMadison, CT$75,010,400View Profile
12Casey LangeCompassDarien, CT$70,641,231View Profile
13Linda SkolnickColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$69,943,575View Profile
14Amanda SpatolaHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$69,510,000View Profile
15Peter KlemmKlemm Real EstateWashington Depot, CT$63,342,500View Profile
16Jeffrey JacksonCorcoran Centric RealtyGreenwich, CT$61,480,043View Profile
17Janine TienkenHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$59,729,388View Profile
18Joanne MancusoHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$58,920,000View Profile
19Julie Grace BurkeCompassGreenwich, CT$58,896,036View Profile
20 Krissy BlakeSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$58,590,929View Profile
21Rose CiardielloWilliam Raveis Guilford , CT$56,435,207View Profile
22Deborah NeedleHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$55,376,676View Profile
23Kristy De La SierraHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$55,348,000View Profile
24Deirdre AndreoliCompassWestport, CT$51,131,850View Profile
25 Stephen ArchinoSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$49,039,125View Profile
26Judy MichaelisColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$48,463,250View Profile
27Laura AnconaWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyRidgefield, CT$47,267,713View Profile
28Maria CrowleyHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$47,250,000View Profile
29Matt NuzieRE/MAX Right Choice Real EstateTrumbull, CT$47,041,550View Profile
30Lauren FreedmanColdwell Banker RealtyBranford, CT$45,588,817View Profile
31James KnurekColdwell Banker RealtySouth Windsor, CT$44,615,063View Profile
32Spencer SodokoffHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$43,901,200View Profile
33Bruce BakerWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyDarien, CT$42,362,944View Profile
34 Tracey KoorbuschSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$41,225,145View Profile
35Julie CorradoColdwell Banker RealtySouth Windsor, CT$40,848,400View Profile
36Gloria Gimenez-FerrerBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesGreenwich, CT$40,144,625View Profile
37Ana PenaWilliam Raveis Milford , CT$40,007,630View Profile
38Angelina ValentiniColdwell Banker RealtyNewtown, CT$39,844,000View Profile
39Lynne MurphyBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesWilton, CT$39,058,532View Profile
40Shelly Tretter LynchCompassGreenwich, CT$39,012,500View Profile
41Jillian KlaffColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$38,196,351View Profile
42Holly HurdHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$37,763,089View Profile
43Barbara ZaccagniniColdwell Banker RealtyGreenwich, CT$37,739,500View Profile
44Ellen SeiftsBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesAvon, CT$36,652,893View Profile
45Bette GigliottiWilliam Raveis Southport , CT$35,840,250View Profile
46Keiley FullerCompassDarien, CT$35,437,563View Profile
47Joseph ChemeroColdwell Banker RealtyNew Milford, CT$35,033,507View Profile
48Steven AnastosWilliam Raveis Stamford , CT$34,787,750View Profile
49Joann ErbBrown Harris StevensGreenwich, CT$34,592,500View Profile
50Lindsay Clauss SheehyHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$34,482,500View Profile
51Jenny AllenCompassGreenwich, CT$33,813,009View Profile
52Ann SimpsonBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesOld Greenwich, CT$33,657,500View Profile
53Donna BerettaWilliam Raveis Westport , CT$32,860,000View Profile
54Taylor TaitHoulihan LawrenceNew Canaan, CT$32,307,462View Profile
55Kirsten AdamsWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyMadison, CT$31,687,558View Profile
56 Daphne Lamsvelt-PolSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$31,170,000View Profile
57Doug MilneHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$31,144,211View Profile
58Rita KirbyWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyNew Canaan, CT$30,758,000View Profile
59Pat SheaColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$30,737,540View Profile
60Colette HarronWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyEssex, CT$30,051,860View Profile
61Bill AndrussCompassGreenwich, CT$29,915,000View Profile
62Pam RobertsWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyDarien, CT$29,416,012View Profile
63Jennifer LockwoodColdwell Banker RealtyFairfield, CT$29,090,000View Profile
64Scott BayneCENTURY 21 Bay-Mar Realty, Inc.Bristol, CT$29,011,900View Profile
65Libby MattsonHoulihan LawrenceNew Canaan, CT$28,633,425View Profile
66Kate CacciatoreWilliam Raveis Southport , CT$28,613,040View Profile
67Cathy ThomasHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$28,584,250View Profile
68Pam MoriartyColdwell Banker RealtySouth Windsor, CT$28,517,400View Profile
69Bettina HegelBrown Harris StevensNew Canaan, CT$28,352,273View Profile
70Barbara SivbaColdwell Banker RealtyDanbury, CT$28,348,400View Profile
71Gila LewisHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$28,066,813View Profile
72Sheila ClementeHoulihan LawrenceNew Canaan, Darien, Rowayton, Wilton And Westport, CT$27,915,000View Profile
73Sandra JulianoBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesRidgefield, CT$27,629,292View Profile
74Peter JanisBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesGreenwich, CT$27,423,659View Profile
75Nancy ReardonBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesGranby, CT$27,396,300View Profile
76Lisa StugartBrown Harris StevensGreenwich, CT$27,097,000View Profile
77Cora Lynch-O’MearaBrown Harris StevensGreenwich, CT$26,593,000View Profile
78John BaintonCompassDarien, CT$26,437,500View Profile
79Ingrid HessCompassDarien, CT$26,309,675View Profile
80Kelly KrausHoulihan LawrenceNew Canaan, CT$26,229,700View Profile
81Joan SuterColdwell Banker RealtyGreenwich, CT$26,193,750View Profile
82 Jill KellySotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$25,903,780View Profile
83Amanda BatesHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$25,779,438View Profile
84Barbara SweeneyColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$25,536,121View Profile
85Mary HigginsBrown Harris StevensNew Canaan, CT$25,497,000View Profile
86Bonnie SztamWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyNew Canaan, CT$25,477,347View Profile
87Rick WeinerWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyEssex, CT$25,396,000View Profile
88Susan MalanWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyEssex, CT$25,150,813View Profile
89Carolyn PetersenHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$25,143,000View Profile
90Linda ToscanoCompassGuilford, CT$24,916,314View Profile
91Katie FrenchColdwell Banker RealtySimsbury, CT$24,784,750View Profile
92Kathleen HarrisonColdwell Banker RealtyNew Milford, CT$24,710,000View Profile
93Kamil AndrukiewiczNew Haus Group LLCNew Britain, CT$24,691,600View Profile
94Leslie RazookWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyNew Canaan, CT$24,688,750View Profile
95Gene PicaRE/MAX AllianceBranford, CT$24,596,100View Profile
96Michelle DonzeiserCompassDarien, CT$24,430,388View Profile
97Lori GabrielColdwell Banker RealtyEnfield, CT$24,279,286View Profile
98Jared MeehanRE/MAX Bell Park RealtyKillingly, CT$24,197,400View Profile
99Joel LucasColdwell Banker RealtyOld Lyme, CT$24,144,500View Profile
100Laura KottlerCompassWestport, CT$24,081,500View Profile
101Tammy TinnerelloWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyOld Lyme, CT$24,011,110View Profile
102Kimberly BurkeBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesWilton, CT$23,998,000View Profile
103Marsha CharlesColdwell Banker RealtyNew Canaan, CT$23,681,000View Profile
104Jessica BoswelleXp Realty, LLCBurlington, CT$23,476,000View Profile
105Marilyn LusherRE/MAX LegendsWaterford, CT$23,441,261View Profile
106Lori Elkins FerberWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyWestport, CT$23,344,120View Profile
107Lisa O’RourkeWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyNew Canaan, CT$23,197,350View Profile
108Maureen KitsonWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyStamford, CT$23,057,803View Profile
109Sharon RispoliBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesWindsor, CT$23,054,375View Profile
110Annie GuraColdwell Banker Premiere Real EstatePlainville, CT$23,053,007View Profile
111Ed VilledaWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyStamford, CT$22,957,427View Profile
112Brian BanakColdwell Banker RealtySuffield, CT$22,794,211View Profile
113Allison Gentile-PollackWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyMadison, CT$22,738,325View Profile
114Amber AlcazarColdwell Banker RealtySouth Windsor, CT$22,737,185View Profile
115Phil GiampietroColdwell Banker RealtyCheshire, CT$22,699,763View Profile
116Robert PerrielloCENTURY 21 AllPoints RealtyWest Hartford, CT$22,685,400View Profile
117Barbara ZinkColdwell Banker RealtyMilford, CT$22,627,849View Profile
118John CannoneWilliam Raveis Trumbull , CT$22,620,714View Profile
119Janis HennessyWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyNew Canaan, CT$22,614,000View Profile
120Christine JohnsonRE/MAX OneUncasville, CT$22,605,918View Profile
121Alison Farn-LeighBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesGreenwich, CT$22,525,000View Profile
122Nicholle MckiernanRE/MAX AllianceBranford, CT$22,291,148View Profile
123Scott GlenneyWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyAvon, CT$22,205,785View Profile
2065Nina KaliaCompassGreenwich, CT$21,993,000View Profile
124Mary Kate Klemish-BoehmBrown Harris StevensWestport, CT$21,859,555View Profile
125Cynthia DeriemerColdwell Banker RealtyGreenwich, CT$21,855,331View Profile
126Tony BuccheriBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesWest Hartford, CT$21,813,380View Profile
127Kathy DanaisColdwell Banker RealtySouth Windsor, CT$21,805,226View Profile
128Tyler TorenCompassGreenwich, CT$21,770,500View Profile
129Michele TeseiHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$21,720,000View Profile
130Lauren TurnerCompassWestport, CT$21,684,903View Profile
131Tammy LangalisWilliam Raveis ROWAYTON , CT$21,672,700View Profile
132Vincent DianaWilliam Raveis Glastonbury , CT$21,625,200View Profile
133Jules G. EtesWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyGuilford, CT$21,431,423View Profile
134 Heather PlattSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$21,218,874View Profile
135Jennifer CapozzielloColdwell Banker RealtyTrumbull, CT$21,215,025View Profile
136Linna YuenColdwell Banker RealtyGreenwich, CT$20,981,000View Profile
137Cary MarcouxRE/MAX Bell Park RealtyKillingly, CT$20,911,785View Profile
138Kathleen GranathColdwell Banker RealtyDarien, CT$20,867,000View Profile
139Gemma CarrierBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesNiantic, CT$20,834,940View Profile
140Lisa Barall-MattBerkshire Hathaway New England PropertiesSimsbury, CT$20,833,969View Profile
141Kathleen ShippeeBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesSimsbury, CT$20,833,464View Profile
142 Martha JeffreySotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$20,790,000View Profile
143Elaine ParrucciniWilliam Raveis Stamford , CT$20,789,813View Profile
144Barbara WellsHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$20,672,020View Profile
145Antoinette MickiewiczWilliam Raveis Westport , CT$20,640,000View Profile
146Phoebe SchreinerWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyMadison, CT$20,543,000View Profile
147Silvana OrsaiaBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Shore & Country PropertiesStamford, CT$20,541,000View Profile
148Basil AmsoRE/MAX Right Choice Real EstateTrumbull, CT$20,360,135View Profile
149Gideon FountainHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$20,358,750View Profile
150Jeffrey PhillipsWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, CT$20,306,000View Profile
151Jill Sloane Brown Harris StevensDarien, CT$20,235,000View Profile
152Mary JonesSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$20,205,000View Profile
153Georgia WassermanColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$20,186,800View Profile
154Susan LarsenWilliam Raveis Wilton , CT$20,152,300View Profile
155Blake DelanyHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$20,130,500View Profile
156Barbara GoetschWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyGuilford, CT$20,085,813View Profile
157Diana BisselleWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtySalisbury, CT$20,048,307View Profile
158Renee Meuse LovleyCENTURY 21 AllPoints RealtySouthington, CT$20,025,056View Profile
159Caroline HanleyHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$19,984,751View Profile
160Jen DanziColdwell Banker RealtyGreenwich, CT$19,964,200View Profile
161Kathleen O’ConnellColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$19,906,700View Profile
162Amy BarsantiWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyDarien, CT$19,745,000View Profile
163Mark PrunerCompassGreenwich, CT$19,595,000View Profile
164Jody CoxColdwell Banker RealtyEnfield, CT$19,521,790View Profile
165Jane BashamHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$19,450,000View Profile
166Linda MayfieldRE/MAX RiseNaugatuck, CT$19,383,673View Profile
167 Marijane Bates HvolbeckSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$19,104,000View Profile
168Daniel ThomasKeller Williams Realty PartnersStratford, CT$19,072,566View Profile
169Krista AleciaCompassFairfield, CT$19,060,500View Profile
170Veronica MonahanColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$19,050,550View Profile
171Jon ArrudaWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyMystic, CT$18,977,400View Profile
172Tom VanacoreCENTURY 21 AllPoints RealtyBranford, CT$18,834,742View Profile
173Stacey DidioColdwell Banker RealtyFairfield, CT$18,806,250View Profile
174Cheryl BertiniRedfinNew Haven, CT$18,768,715View Profile
175Anthony ArdinoWilliam Raveis New Canaan , CT$18,586,500View Profile
176Virginia ProftWilliam Raveis West Hartford , CT$18,529,845View Profile
177Heather CrabtreeColdwell Banker RealtyOxford, CT$18,448,759View Profile
178Kenneth MartinWilliam Raveis Trumbull , CT$18,406,000View Profile
179Craig MiltonRE/MAX Valley ShoreOld Saybrook, CT$18,392,900View Profile
180Susan MasseyBrown Harris StevensDarien, CT$18,230,000View Profile
181Leslie RibackColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, Weston, Wilton,Fairfield, Norwalk, CT$18,188,800View Profile
182Michele Murray SloanHoulihan LawrenceNew Canaan, CT$18,126,375View Profile
183Linda DunsmoreKeller Williams Prestige PropertiesWestport, CT$18,066,000View Profile
184Fiona PorterKeller Williams Prestige PropertiesStamford, CT$17,995,345View Profile
185Emily GordonColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$17,988,000View Profile
186Stefanie LacoffBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesGreenwich, CT$17,984,751View Profile
187Buddy DegennaroColdwell Banker RealtyWoodbridge, CT$17,947,028View Profile
188Kyle NeumannHoulihan LawrenceRidgefield, CT$17,923,650View Profile
189Carla KupiecWilliam Raveis Darien & Rowayton, CT$17,799,500View Profile
190Laurie CrouseColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$17,708,500View Profile
191Becky MunroBrown Harris StevensDarien, CT$17,695,000View Profile
192Sheree FrankHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$17,659,000View Profile
193Lauren AurestoBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gaetano MarraNewtown, CT$17,592,471View Profile
194Skyla GagnonRE/MAX Bell Park RealtyKillingly, CT$17,584,100View Profile
195Sara SantosColdwell Banker RealtyFairfield, CT$17,574,000View Profile
196 Carol ClarkeSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$17,560,000View Profile
197Julie LoweHoulihan LawrenceGreenwich, CT$17,551,250View Profile
198Tracey HollerbachColdwell Banker RealtyWest Hartford, CT$17,530,050View Profile
199Liz LevisonCompassGreenwich, CT$17,527,333View Profile
200Lorraine AmaralWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyDanbury, CT$17,432,200View Profile
201Jay CarrollCENTURY 21 Shutters & SailsMystic, CT$17,379,000View Profile
202Betsy PurtellColdwell Banker RealtyCheshire, CT$17,358,099View Profile
203Elsa CaseHoulihan LawrenceRiverside, CT$17,341,150View Profile
204Noah FinzHoulihan LawrenceRiverside, CT$17,340,000View Profile
205Charlie VinciCompassGreenwich, CT$17,325,000View Profile
206Pat BlankoWilliam Raveis Southbury , CT$17,286,405View Profile
207Holly Giordano William Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyDarien, CT$17,283,025View Profile
208Bob NeumannHoulihan LawrenceRidgefield, CT$17,259,850View Profile
209Robin BartholomewBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesGreenwich, CT$17,230,000View Profile
210Joni UsdanColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$17,168,500View Profile
211Molly FewsterHoulihan LawrenceNew Canaan, CT$17,115,000View Profile
212Mike RobinsonCENTURY 21 AllPoints RealtyStratford, CT$17,094,600View Profile
213Nick TomanelliColdwell Banker RealtyTrumbull, CT$17,056,776View Profile
214Erica AcheychekColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$16,990,500View Profile
215Lauren AurestoKeller Williams RealtyRidgefield, CT$16,964,395View Profile
216Cathy McgeeColdwell Banker RealtyWestport, CT$16,888,500View Profile
217Kelly FedaColdwell Banker RealtyGreenwich, CT$16,837,000View Profile
218Sue Cohn DarmonWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyEssex, CT$16,727,750View Profile
219Mark MarkelzWilliam Raveis Southport , CT$16,700,500View Profile
220Sherri SchwartzColdwell Banker RealtyWest Hartford, CT$16,652,922View Profile
221Margaret Upton-MirowskiBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesFairfield, CT$16,611,500View Profile
222Lindsey NiarhakosRE/MAX DestinationMansfield, CT$16,611,250View Profile
223Laura DanforthWilliam Raveis New Canaan , CT$16,554,100View Profile
224Liz EckertWilliam Raveis Greenwich , CT$16,497,737View Profile
225Ariana O’MalleyHoulihan LawrenceDarien, CT$16,475,101View Profile
226Nora GiovatiColdwell Banker RealtyGreenwich, CT$16,405,000View Profile
227Rosemary RussoCENTURY 21 AllPoints RealtyAvon, CT$16,402,950View Profile
228Thomas VozzellaBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England PropertiesStamford, CT$16,373,411View Profile
229Dawn GagliardiColdwell Banker RealtySouth Windsor, CT$16,357,300View Profile
230Mela Veltri CaseRE/MAX Right Choice Real EstateTrumbull, CT$16,353,675View Profile
231Cory NeumannHoulihan LawrenceNew Fairfield, CT$16,316,982View Profile
232Sharon Wyant McguireWilliam Pitt Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, CT$16,290,547View Profile
233 Maryann GrabelSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Greenwich, CT$16,270,055View Profile
234Courtney HaidingerCompassDarien, CT$16,142,500View Profile
235Russell PrunerCompassGreenwich, CT$16,058,311View Profile

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2022 Market Summary

Connecticut started 2022 with a total of 2,937 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $469,600 and an average price per square foot of $300. By the end of the year, inventory had decreased to 2,860 homes on the market (-2%), with a median home price of $489,450 (+4%) and an average price per square foot of $321 (+7%).

At the start of 2022, the median days on market (DOM) was 77 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had remained the same at 77 days.

Connecticut started the year with 22% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 30% of Connecticut homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Connecticut started 2022 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 50; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 44 – a slight seller’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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