Top Agents in Boston, Massachusetts – Individuals By Volume

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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Tracy CampionCampion and CompanyBoston, MA$751,439,034View Profile
2Michael HarperMGS Group Real Estate LTDBoston, MA$131,464,500View Profile
3Beth DickersonGibson Sotheby’s International Realty Boston, MA$77,587,750View Profile
4Lili BananiColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$73,756,900View Profile
5Jennifer Gelfand ChurchKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$66,641,645View Profile
6Michael CarucciGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$65,790,375View Profile
7Allison BlankCompassBoston, MA$59,066,200View Profile
8Jonathan RadfordColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$49,462,122View Profile
9Benjamin LincolnCompassBoston, MA$48,391,975View Profile
10Skambas Realty Group –CompassBoston, MA$47,406,800View Profile
11George BallantyneGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$45,999,750View Profile
12The Drucker Group –CompassBoston, MA$42,102,000View Profile
13Collin SullivanWilliam Raveis Boston, MA$41,780,087View Profile
14Joe DeangeloColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$39,941,351View Profile
15Elisabeth PreisCompassBoston, MA$39,663,023View Profile
16Christina DinardiKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$38,386,100View Profile
17Javier BedoyaCENTURY 21 Mario Real EstateBoston, MA$37,930,000View Profile
18Martha TotiColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$37,279,473View Profile
19Neda Vander StoepColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$36,360,250View Profile
20Ben SnowColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$35,721,725View Profile
21Chris RemmesRemmes & Co.Boston, MA$33,267,100View Profile
22Tracy SheaColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$32,987,250View Profile
23Ashley PerkinsGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$32,142,750View Profile
24Jeannemarie ConleyCompassBoston, MA$31,890,758View Profile
25Lauren MahoneyCompassBoston, MA$31,321,000View Profile
26Erin BaumgartnerCompassBoston, MA$30,923,000View Profile
27Less ArnoldCompassBoston, MA$30,547,000View Profile
28Andrew MartiniCompassBoston, MA$27,861,588View Profile
29Trevor Wissink-AdamsCompassBoston, MA$26,942,445View Profile
30Barbara WalesEngel & Völkers BostonBoston, MA$26,532,900View Profile
31Candice Klapman MatzaDouglas EllimanBoston, MA$26,128,616View Profile
32Leena AgnihotriCompassBoston, MA$25,860,726View Profile
33Hans NagrathCompassBoston, MA$25,568,400View Profile
34Jason ZhangCompassBoston, MA$25,262,500View Profile
35Daria McleanGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$24,978,210View Profile
36Rita LuKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$24,940,000View Profile
37Arianna BrownCompassBoston, MA$24,703,081View Profile
38Brian CaluoriGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$24,612,584View Profile
39The Lush Group –CompassBoston, MA$23,766,700View Profile
40Robb SilvaWilliam Raveis Boston, MA$23,619,000View Profile
41Patti Salem Prestige Living –CompassBoston, MA$23,600,250View Profile
42Tommy ConnorsColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$22,743,090View Profile
43Grace BloodwellColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$22,034,625View Profile
44Adam SmithColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$21,662,000View Profile
45Iliyan PadinkovColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$21,571,800View Profile
46Jill Boudreau Group –CompassBoston, MA$21,330,000View Profile
47Craig BrodyDouglas EllimanBoston, MA$21,191,456View Profile
48Scott NelsonCompassBoston, MA$21,131,117View Profile
49Kristen GaughanWilliam Raveis Boston, MA$21,070,250View Profile
50Tricia BlankCompassBoston, MA$20,520,000View Profile
51Thom McgairColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$20,219,000View Profile
52Curran RobinetteGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$19,785,000View Profile
53Jason JeonCompassBoston, MA$19,729,000View Profile
54Bernice OsborneKeller Williams Realty Showcase PropertiesBoston, MA$19,610,807View Profile
55Edward DeveauCENTURY 21 Mario Real EstateBoston, MA$19,453,699View Profile
56Dom LangeGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$19,299,608View Profile
57Lisa SheehanEngel & Völkers BostonBoston, MA$19,260,382View Profile
58Amy GoldbergCompassBoston, MA$19,204,000View Profile
59Sarah ShimoffCompassBoston, MA$19,199,505View Profile
60Bonny LambCompassBoston, MA$19,184,000View Profile
61Melinda Davala SarkisColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$19,116,225View Profile
62Paula NarenkiviciusCompassBoston, MA$18,942,000View Profile
63Jeffrey GoldmanColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$18,924,000View Profile
64Patrick BrusilKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$18,818,361View Profile
65Elizabeth CrowleyWilliam Raveis Boston , MA$18,763,000View Profile
66Casey ShaughnessyColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$18,668,000View Profile
67Ruth MalkinCompassBoston, MA$18,329,838View Profile
68Brian GagnonColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$18,268,475View Profile
69Alex WongColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$18,163,150View Profile
70Lucas GarofaloKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$18,113,000View Profile
71Jane WemyssCompassBoston, MA$18,100,382View Profile
72Katie GellenbeckEngel & Völkers BostonBoston, MA$17,937,813View Profile
73Tom SheehanCompassBoston, MA$17,757,280View Profile
74The Fenway Group –CompassBoston, MA$17,542,000View Profile
75Samantha Hollister JohnsonCompassBoston, MA$17,452,000View Profile
76Ted PietrasGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$17,437,750View Profile
77Jayne KramerEngel & Völkers BostonBoston, MA$17,292,500View Profile
78Sabbor SheikhColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$17,121,700View Profile
79Alexandra HaueisenColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$17,029,800View Profile
80Peter GiannikopoulosColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$17,009,000View Profile
81Courtney DurkinCompassBoston, MA$16,875,143View Profile
82Debra SordilloColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$16,570,200View Profile
83Judy PaganoGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$16,536,875View Profile
84Stone PrumCompassBoston, MA$16,497,500View Profile
85Josh StilesCompassBoston, MA$16,154,354View Profile
86Justin HautaniemiCompassBoston, MA$16,150,000View Profile
87Stephanie LachapelleCompassBoston, MA$16,066,900View Profile
88Jr MathewsKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$16,004,150View Profile

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2022 Market Summary

Boston, Massachusetts started 2022 with a total of 45 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $1,350,000 and an average price per square foot of $815. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 63 homes on the market (+40%), with a median home price of $875,000 (-35%) and an average price per square foot of $725 (-11%).

At the start of 2022, the median days on market (DOM) was 84 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had decreased to 77 days.

Boston started the year with 35% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 39% of Boston homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Boston started 2022 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 59; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 38 – a slight seller’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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Boston News

Robbie Lindo takes his boutique real estate firm to Jack Conway  

Sep 14, 2023By

Massachusetts-based boutique real estate firm Lindo Realty Group has joined the commonwealth’s top independent real estate brokerage, Jack Conway & Co.