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RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals is the industry’s largest and most trusted rankings program. National and State rankings are provided for the top 1.5% of Real Estate Professionals.


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These housing markets are hotter than ever. But water is running out HW+ “We are running out of water,” Sarah Goodyear, a Coldwell Banker agent in Fort Collins, said. “We need to figure out where the water is going to come from to support this new...
12 hours ago
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Flat-fee, fast-growing firm leader on lessons learned from Great Recession

Today’s RealTrending features Long Doan, CEO of Realty Group LLC in Minneapolis. Doan was named a 2022 RealTrends GameChanger for achieving 292% growth by transaction side percentage over the past five years.

By Jun 21, 2022

Steve Murray analyzes the secrets to 10-year high growth brokerages

Today’s RealTrending features Steve Murray, senior advisor to RealTrends and a partner with RTC Consulting. Murray recently researched more than 730 real estate firms to find out the leaders in growth over the...

By Jun 13, 2022