Top Small Teams in Minnesota – Ranked By Volume

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Rank – State VolumeTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Ben GanjeLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$159,099,559View Profile
2Cynthia Froid GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$105,389,094View Profile
3Real Estate Nation TeamRE/MAX ResultsWayzata, MN$103,959,469View Profile
4Stickney TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$95,284,394View Profile
5John C and John F AdamsCompassMinneapolis, MN$92,178,565View Profile
6Ulrich Real Estate GroupCompassMinneapolis, MN$88,240,389View Profile
7Larsen & Rosolanka TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$84,691,128View Profile
8Wade Hanson & AssociatesRE/MAX ResultsWoodbury, MN$76,894,326View Profile
9Krista Wolter Real Estate GroupColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$71,874,869View Profile
10POLOVITZ GROUPCompassMinneapolis, MN$69,901,500View Profile
11Regan and HornigLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$66,381,826View Profile
12Mike Steadman and Holly ConnakerCompassMinneapolis, MN$65,000,000View Profile
13Luke Steele TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$64,266,842View Profile
14Lucas Hanson TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$63,579,584View Profile
15Team EdelsteinColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$57,676,200View Profile
16Martineau/Duevel GroupColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$55,449,445View Profile
17Monson and Larson GroupRE/MAX ResultsPlymouth, MN$54,194,056View Profile
18Team AcresKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$54,040,000View Profile
19Drury & NumrichLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$53,805,655View Profile
20Gergen GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity EdinaEdina, MN$53,221,487View Profile
21The Denel Ihde-Sparks TeamRE/MAX ResultsRochester, MN$52,441,052View Profile
22Boege and Dean TeamColdwell Banker RealtyStillwater, MN$52,031,486View Profile
23Stafford Family RealtorsColdwell Banker RealtyExcelsior, MN$51,409,533View Profile
24Peterson Skattum Realty GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$50,259,107View Profile
25The Carrie Schmitz TeamKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$49,893,875View Profile
26Jacqueline Day and PartnersEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$49,527,983View Profile
27The Schmitt TeamKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$45,817,803View Profile
28Real Estate SimplifiedKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$45,477,138View Profile
29Leonhardt TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWhite Bear Lake, MN$45,216,355View Profile
30Brama Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Realty Lake MinnetonkaMinnetonka, MN$44,896,477View Profile
31The Carstensen TeamRE/MAX ResultsElk River, MN$43,978,322View Profile
32Michael Wille GroupColdwell Banker RealtyMinneapolis, MN$43,804,709View Profile
33Drew HuelerColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$43,417,200View Profile
34Andrew Spilseth and T.Cody TurnquistCompassMinneapolis, MN$42,963,720View Profile
35Sonia Kohli TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$42,765,434View Profile
36Zderchuk & SmithLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$42,169,861View Profile
37Gimpel Realty LLCKeller Williams Select RealtyApple Valley, MN$41,929,437View Profile
38Jordan DeCaro Real Estate TeamRE/MAX ResultsDuluth, MN$41,464,906View Profile
39Smothers & Falk Realty GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusWaconia, MN$39,871,826View Profile
40Judith Craig TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$39,738,651View Profile
41The Mickelson TeamRE/MAX ResultsRochester, MN$39,541,755View Profile
42Jeff Schulz TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusWaconia, MN$39,309,444View Profile
43Jeffrey Steeves TeamEdina RealtyMaple Grove, MN$38,573,512View Profile
44Iverson Realty GroupColdwell Banker RealtyLakeville, MN$38,123,927View Profile
45Jay Ettinger TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$37,999,756View Profile
46Team LundeenRE/MAX ResultsCambridge, MN$37,936,588View Profile
47Mary Hardy TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$37,546,373View Profile
48The Webb GroupRE/MAX ResultsSt Louis Park, MN$37,313,570View Profile
49Regan Englund Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$35,988,938View Profile
50Dzurik Property TwinsKeller Williams Realty Lake MinnetonkaMinnetonka, MN$35,660,601View Profile
51RE/MAX Northland TeamRE/MAX NorthlandAitkin, MN$35,475,296View Profile
52Jane Bacchus Ray TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$34,521,078View Profile
53Jarrod Peterson TeamEdina RealtyMaple Grove , MN$34,445,005View Profile
54Hutchinson and ArntzRE/MAX ResultsApple Valley, MN$34,379,871View Profile
55Steve Schmitz TeamColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$34,335,257View Profile
56Pentz HomesKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$34,333,496View Profile
57The Bertelson GroupRE/MAX ResultsEden Prairie, MN$34,068,658View Profile
58Tiffany and Jason CareyRE/MAX ResultsRochester, MN$33,879,341View Profile
59Jeremy Miller TeamEdina RealtyBrainerd, MN$33,401,975View Profile
60Bernick Homes GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$33,180,619View Profile
61Siegel Ritchie GroupColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$32,816,876View Profile
62Sohus Real Estate GroupEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$32,480,812View Profile
63Beyond Homes TeamKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$32,319,471View Profile
64The Morgan TeamColdwell Banker RealtyPlymouth, MN$32,221,014View Profile
65The Minnesota Home TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$32,132,394View Profile
66Rachel Scarrella TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$32,050,644View Profile
67JW Real Estate GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusVictoria, MN$31,705,062View Profile
68Rochelle Johnson Brown TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$31,673,183View Profile
69Edam Cardinal Group Minneapolis DowntownEngel & Völkers Minneapolis DowntownMinneapolis, MN$31,433,265View Profile
70Perkins TeamRE/MAX ResultsPlymouth, MN$31,185,470View Profile
71BOLD Marketing TeamColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$31,102,112View Profile
72Meredith Howell GroupColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$31,040,350View Profile
73Dana Ashby TeamEdina RealtyWhite Bear Lake, MN$30,979,420View Profile
74The Safi GroupRE/MAX ResultsLilydale, MN$30,956,475View Profile
75The Royal Home TeamKeller Williams Premier RealtyWoodbury, MN$30,412,177View Profile
76Brette Hermann TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$30,387,977View Profile
77Buckley Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$30,345,818View Profile
78Jodi Klepac TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$30,206,736View Profile
79DesMarais Enterprises IncKeller Williams Realty EliteEden Prairie, MN$30,107,097View Profile
80Zinn Family RealtorsColdwell Banker RealtyExcelsior, MN$30,072,610View Profile
81Reiland TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$29,766,428View Profile
82The Move GroupRE/MAX ResultsApple Valley, MN$29,739,871View Profile
83Christina Widiker TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$29,137,400View Profile
84Bruce Mcalpin TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$29,078,360View Profile
85Nancy Walker TeamColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$28,988,025View Profile
86Distad TeamColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$28,860,500View Profile
87The Minnesota Strong Home TeamKeller Williams Classic RealtyCoon Rapids, MN$28,559,714View Profile
88New Home Store TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusMinnetonka, MN$28,414,256View Profile
89Stacy Sullivan TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$28,195,198View Profile
90Michael Wasem Jr TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$27,530,950View Profile
91Huglen TeamColdwell Banker RealtyRochester, MN$27,521,437View Profile
92Success Home TeamKeller Williams Select RealtyApple Valley, MN$27,400,558View Profile
93Catherine Seck TeamEdina RealtyWayzata, MN$27,193,800View Profile
94Stiles & Bothof GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$27,170,546View Profile
95Neighborly Property GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity EdinaEdina, MN$27,104,015View Profile
96Hartmann TeamRE/MAX ResultsSt Paul, MN$27,005,772View Profile
97Linda Splettstoeszer TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$26,945,134View Profile
98Home Resource GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusFaribault, MN$26,929,682View Profile
99Susan Wahman TeamEdina RealtyEdina, MN$26,843,270View Profile
100Crossroad Realty TeamRE/MAX ResultsAlexandria, MN$26,545,844View Profile
101Homes By Matt and AprilRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$26,421,535View Profile
102Modern Home TeamRE/MAX ResultsAndover, MN$26,374,762View Profile
103The Jenkins Real Estate TeamRE/MAX ResultsAndover, MN$26,364,368View Profile
104Amy Legatt Real Estate GroupRE/MAX ResultsSaint Cloud, MN$26,360,111View Profile
105Sally SnyderColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$26,301,431View Profile
106Upside Property SalesKeller Williams Integrity RealtyRoseville, MN$26,171,812View Profile
107Emily Rome Welter TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$26,143,327View Profile
108Jason Schmidt TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$26,073,725View Profile
109The McNamara GroupCompassMinneapolis, MN$25,943,090View Profile
110Al Theisen TeamColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$25,909,788View Profile
111Michael Korby TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,901,490View Profile
112The Petrashek GroupRE/MAX ResultsApple Valley, MN$25,806,994View Profile
113RoostCompassMinneapolis, MN$25,774,150View Profile
114Chad Huebener TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,715,463View Profile
115David Mernin TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,602,378View Profile
116Polston Davis Realty GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$25,557,495View Profile
117Peterson & CoKeller Williams Realty Integrity NorthwestOtsego, MN$25,547,102View Profile
118Kilibarda Family RealtorsColdwell Banker RealtyExcelsior, MN$25,534,459View Profile
119Joy Erickson TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,483,505View Profile
120Mary Pat Nydahl TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,099,944View Profile
121Janet Banken TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,072,845View Profile
122Andrew Baer TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,055,901View Profile
123The MadoresEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$24,995,200View Profile
124The Alliance GroupKeller Williams Classic RealtyCoon Rapids, MN$24,874,060View Profile
125The Handley Advantage TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusEagan, MN$24,834,284View Profile
126Cindy Carlson TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$24,570,907View Profile
127Cedar Haven Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Preferred RealtyBurnsville, MN$24,485,604View Profile
128Jana Reilly Home TeamKeller Williams Preferred RealtyMarshall, MN$24,326,598View Profile
129Brian Monette TeamRE/MAX ResultsWayzata, MN$24,121,600View Profile
130Anderson Hometown TeamRE/MAX ResultsAndover, MN$24,057,182View Profile

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2022 Market Summary

Minnesota started 2022 with a total of 4,451 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $374,800 and an average price per square foot of $208. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 6,196 homes on the market (+39%), with a median home price of $395,000 (+5%) and an average price per square foot of $216 (+3%).

At the start of 2022, the median days on market (DOM) was 70 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had increased to 84 days.

Minnesota started the year with 22% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 34% of Minnesota homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Minnesota started 2022 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 48; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 34 – a balanced buyer and seller’s market.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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Minnesota News

The spark that ignited Minnesota team leader’s sizzling career 

Jul 18, 2022By

That first spark of enjoyment ultimately led to O’Neill founding and leading the No. 18 mega team by transaction sides and No. 27 by sales volume in the country according to 2022 RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand rankings. In 2021, O’Neill’s Bloomington, Minnesota-based team of 109, closed 2,252 transaction side for a total sales volume of $769.55 million.