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Three broker-owners share their business strategies at GOE 2023

Join these leaders in Austin, Texas on June 18-21

As a broker-owner and senior real estate leader, learning from people in your same position can be incredibly valuable. They get your pain points, they’ve been in your shoes. That’s why at Gathering of Eagles 2023, you’ll find broker-owners on stage who are currently working in the real estate industry. Register for Gathering of Eagles today to learn these broker-owners’ top business strategies in any market. 

Scott Brady

Scott Brady is the owner, broker and president of Progressive Property Management. He is speaking during the session, “Preparing your Brokerage for Future Prosperity,” on Tuesday, June 20. Brady is changing the face of real estate brokerage by employing agents who are also property managers and association managers. Brady says he’s future-proofing his business by providing clients with, “licensed agents, who are experts in this field and who can provide a higher level of service to these communities.”

Christine Hansen

Christine Hansen is the broker-owner of Century 21 Hansen Realty. She is a panelist for, “The Law of Attraction,” on Tuesday, June 20. Hansen and her fellow panelists will debunk the recruiting myths that are holding your team back and break down the steps to follow for attracting talent, not recruiting it. Her experience in the real estate industry has proven that the right candidate for the job will balance passion with experience and innovation. 

Anthony Lamacchia 

Anthony Lamacchia is the owner and CEO of Lamacchia Properties. Lamacchia will be on stage for the session, “The Evolution of Teams,” on Monday, June 19. Real estate teams are here to stay, and at this session, you can learn how to better build them into the fabric of your organization. Lamachhia and his fellow speakers will address best practices for managing teams and the value add they bring to your organization. 

To register for Gathering of Eagles 2023, click here. And, don’t forget to register for the charity golf tournament! Enjoying a round on the green among colleagues is a great networking opportunity at GOE. This conference is the must-attend event of 2023 for real estate presidents, senior leaders, and broker-owners. Brady, Hansen and Lamacchia will be joined on stage by other titans of industry like Gary Keller and Leigh Brown.

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