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Buy, build or partner for your brokerage’s technology? Find out at GOE

Looking to upgrade the technology your brokerage relies on? Thinking of building your own in-house platform? Or are you overwhelmed by the numerous technology platforms out there? Gathering of Eagles will spend time discussing the technology that is moving markets forward, so broker-owners and real estate leaders can invest with confidence. Nick Bailey is the president and CEO of RE/MAX. He can be found on stage at Gathering of Eagles during, “CEO Playbook: Re-thinking an in-house tech platform.” 

Below, Bailey gives us an inside look at some of the key points his session will cover. 

RealTrends: Where do brokers often go wrong when it comes to the technology conversation on whether to build, buy or partner? 

Nick Bailey: The number one area where I think people go wrong, is they immediately go to build first. And yet, building any type of technology is very expensive and takes a lot of resources. I think that most people underestimate what that investment will look like, not only to get it going but to keep it relevant moving forward. 

RT: What’s your number one piece of advice for brokers looking to change their tech stack? 

NB: When they evaluate new technology for their company or change technology, I think that brokers are best served by putting the features and benefits into two different categories. One is looking at the table stakes in the industry because a lot of technology has different features, but at the end of the day, a lot of tech is based on table stakes. The second category is uniqueness. What makes that tech unique? It doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to have that one feature that nobody else has. 

RT: What’s one piece of the technology conversation that everyone is asking you about, and how will you address it at GOE? 

NB: Many know that before coming back to this role in leading RE/MAX, I was an executive at Zillow and Trulia. Those were through the years of acquisitions of CRMs and lead generation. What does that mean for today? Should you acquire tech, build it, or partner for it? I’m going to give a glimpse of where I have seen the industry going and how we got here. I’m also going to touch on some decisions that we’ve recently made at RE/MAX that completely changed our approach to technology. Of course, I look forward to seeing all my friends in the industry at Gathering of Eagles in Austin. We’ll see you there! 

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