2022 RealTrends + RentSpree Rental Power Rankings Now Live!


RealTrends and RentSpree are proud to announce the results from the 2022 Rental Power Rankings. This inaugural rankings program showcases the top residential real estate brokerage firms by rental transactions and represents the first endeavor by RealTends to track this segment of the housing market. This exciting program features two categories designed to spotlight firms assisting both investment property owners and tenants.

RealTrends has a storied history of being the Trusted Source of brokerage rankings. Since the company’s inception more than 30 years ago, the landscape of the housing market has changed considerably. As we enter a new housing cycle, the modern brokerage is seeking to foster new relationships and leverage existing relationships across a diverse customer base to drive continued success. This strategy not only ensures relationships are maintained with investors, but also allows for relationships to be created with tenants — tomorrow’s home buyers.

“Currently the homeownership rate in the United States is estimated between 63% to 64% of all households. This, of course, means that 36% to 37% of all households are renters. This is a huge market, especially in New York City, where rental assistance or leasing assistance is a huge part of the market,” said Steve Murray, founder of RealTrends and senior advisor to HW Media.

“There are other markets, such as Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles where rentals are significant parts of an agency’s business. Residential property management companies are abundant in the United States, with tens of thousands of firms managing thousands of properties. These two new reports will be valuable additions to the rankings of top residential brokerage firm’s which the company has ranked for years.”

In the inaugural RealTrends + RentSpree Rental Power Rankings, Boston, Massachusetts-based Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty rose to the top of the rankings in tenants placed (3,800) and Tulsa, Oklahoma-based McGraw Realtors had the most properties listed (1,822).

The top 10 firms showcased in the 2022 RealTrends + RentSpree Rental Power Rankings were also featured on the RealTrends 500 and Nation’s Best rankings programs. These 10 firms produced over 52,000 transaction sides and 22 billion in sales volume in calendar year 2021. Comparatively, the rental production of these firms forms a fraction of their business. However, over the coming years RealTrends will be tracking if the investment in these relationships today help fuel their growth tomorrow.