Mosaik launches residential real estate search platform

Real estate technology company Mosaik announced this week that it has launched its technology platform as an innovative approach to property searches. The platform, named after the company itself, aims to provide a platform that enhances both operational efficiency and client experience workflows.

According to Sheila Reddy, CEO of Mosaik, the platform acts as a “digital sidekick” for agents, offering tools and functionalities that help them close more deals, generate repeat and referral business, and ensure client satisfaction throughout the entire process.

One of the key components of Mosaik’s platform is its collaborative search module, which integrates with multiple listing services (MLS). This module allows agents to engage and collaborate with their clients during the property search process.

However, Mosaik goes beyond traditional search methods by addressing pain points that affect both agents and clients.

Unlike most search applications that heavily rely on filters, Mosaik introduces a proprietary “wishlist-based” methodology. This methodology enables agents and clients to view and organize properties based on specific needs, wants, and priorities.

By eliminating the limitations of a “filters-only” approach, Mosaik provides a more intuitive and personalized search experience to align with how buyers naturally evaluate properties.

By combining the wishlist methodology with location-based data, computer vision, and other AI-driven processes, Mosaik automates property analysis activities for agents and delivers hyper-personalized experiences to clients when viewing properties.

Personalization is a significant factor in consumer-facing industries, according to the company, and Mosaik aims to meet the growing expectations of consumers.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey, companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue. Additionally, over 70% of consumers expect personalized experiences and express frustration when they don’t receive them.

Mosaik’s search experience provides agents with the tools to compete in a rapidly-evolving digital landscape, while also encouraging clients to move away from public portals and embrace greater collaboration with their agents.

“With Mosaik’s search capabilities, agents are better equipped to provide their clients with personalized experiences at scale,” Reddy said.

In addition to its search capabilities, Mosaik’s cohesive operating platform drives personalization and automation in various areas of an agent’s workflow, including transaction management, client retention, and analytics.

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