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Lone Wolf Founder Lorne Wallace leaves behind lasting legacy

Lorne Wallace, the founder of Lone Wolf Technologies, passed away on May 20, 2023 at the age of 61. He leaves behind a loving wife, Kelli, five children and nine grandchildren. While he always said they were his real legacy, he also built a legacy as a great entrepreneur who nurtured many friendships.

I met Lorne in the early 1990’s as we were both working hard to build our businesses. WE spent the next 30 years supporting each other in helping grow them — together. Along the way, we shared our passions for several things — our families, work, clients and friends in business, along with reading and owning great books. 

We spent numerous hours comparing notes on our favorite authors and books. For those who knew him well, his deep knowledge of all kinds of history, biography, mystery thrillers, etc., was one of the most interesting sides of Lorne.

His legacy of Lone Wolf is an incredible story of one man starting with an idea of service. He built it into an all-encompassing technology firm — one of the best in the industry. He is a testament to guts, constant innovation, focus on clients and their needs and building relationships. Lorne succeeded in all of them and built a team who believed in the same ideals.

He is gone too soon. While there have been other great entrepreneurs and will be in the future, there will not soon again be another Lorne Wallace. Truly, he will be missed by many.