Lasting Impact: Lone Wolf’s Lorne Wallace for building a complete brokerage toolbox

Lasting Impact: Lorne Wallace founded the largest real estate industry software-as-a-service company in the residential brokerage industry. He originally started with accounting and financial software. However, after the company’s sale to Vista Equity, the firm moved into driving growth through online forms, transaction management and, ultimately, a complete tool box for brokerage firms.

Wallace founded Lone Wolf Technologies in the late 1980’s and while there were other firms offering accounting software to the brokerage industry. Lone Wolf grew to be the leading firm in the segment and brought brokerage specific tools to small-, medium- and large-sized brokerage firms. 

Building on that and the capital from Vista Equity, Lone Wolf became the largest supplier of online forms and transaction management and integrated all three software packages into a seamless tool for brokerage firms to use.

While the majority of software suppliers targeted the CRM, online marketing and property marketing segments, Lone Wolf stuck to the ‘nuts and bolts” of the software needs of the brokerage industry and its tools are in common use by virtually every model and brand of real estate brokerage.