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How to turn renters into homebuyers

There are ways to change a renter's mindset and help them become homebuyers.

In this continuing video series, Rogers Healy, the owner and CEO of Texas-based Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, will offer his perspective of the state of the real estate market and how real estate agents can find opportunity and fine-tune their business and marketing plans. In this video, he discusses messaging and how to turn renters into homebuyers.

“When you have the opportunity to potentially convert the mindset of a renter to a buyer, here are my tips and tricks on how to get them there as long as you don’t put an ounce of pressure behind it,” says Healy.

“Renters turn into buyers as long as you maintain them as clients. So No. 1, keep them informed about the market. Sometimes it’s less expensive to be an owner that it is a renter —other than saving for a downpayment.

Next, introduce them to a variety of neighborhoods so they understand price point, affordability and helps them choose somewhere that turns them into a seller in the next few years.

Next, as always, please be trustworthy. People don’t want to buy snake oil from real estate salesperson, be genuine and always remain consistent.

Make sure your message is always the same whether it’s online, it’s in person or it’s behind the computer. Doing those things, they’re gonna give you opportunities that most people in real estate sales will never have put in front of them.