Compass Luxury Division rolls out international referral program

Agents will now have access to a network of 130 BARNES International offices globally

The Luxury Division at Compass unveiled this week an international referral program in collaboration with BARNES International, a brokerage focused on global luxury real estate market in 20 countries. The goal of the program is to empower Compass agents to cater to their clients’ international real estate needs and expand their clientele.

“Driven by a shared belief in collaboration and seizing opportunities, this groundbreaking program opens the gateway to the world for Compass,” said Felipe Hernandez Smith, head of the Compass Luxury Division.

Through this alliance with BARNES International Realty, Compass agents will now have access to a network of 130 offices globally, enabling them to connect clients with properties across multiple international destinations.

This concierge-style networking tool is particularly advantageous for American citizens purchasing properties abroad, according to a press release, as luxury and ultra-luxury properties in these areas are often exclusively shown by a single brokerage or remain off-market.

Under the leadership of Thibault de Saint Vincent for over 25 years, BARNES International Realty is a leader in luxury real estate.

As the top brokerage in France and with a strong presence in major global cities, BARNES offers Compass agents direct access to locations like Paris, Geneva, London, and Dubai, as well as holiday destinations such as Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco.

“Like Compass’ Entrepreneurship Principles, BARNES has built our leading business and impeccable reputation upon our tenets of entrepreneurship, including passion, optimism, bespoke personalization, and flexibility for reinvention,” de Saint Vincent said. “BARNES understands that buying and selling luxury and ultra-luxury properties are not purely business transactions but a complete experience through which the trusted relationship between agent and client is built.”

The collaboration between Compass and BARNES originated when Compass agents Sebastien Courret, Daniel Brewer, and Suzanne DesMarais met Thibault and his colleagues during a presentation in Washington, D.C. Inspired by Compass’s technologies, BARNES seized the opportunity to align business with Compass.

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