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7 YouTube channels real estate agents should be watching

Making it big in the real estate industry today means taking advantage of every tool available and with millennials and Gen-Z driving demand in the housing market, social media can’t be forsaken. YouTube is one of the many platforms that Realtors can benefit big from, but how do you turn your viewing audience into actual business? 

The industry professionals below are not only doling out advice on marketing yourself as a Realtor, they’re leading by example with YouTube channels that leave viewers wanting more.

1. Ryan Serhant 

It’s no surprise that Ryan Serhant’s YouTube videos parading spectacular mansions have garnered tens of millions of views. As one of the most successful and famous real estate brokers in the world, Serhant has closed more than $5 billion in sales while balancing being CEO of SERHANT. real estate brokerage. To top it off, Serhant is a best-selling author, podcast host, educator and two-time Emmy nominee. He’s also ready to share the secrets to massive growth during his keynote at this year’s HousingWire Annual event in October. 

Besides video listings of luxurious properties, Serhant’s YouTube channel also offers advice on dealing with anxiety in the real estate industry, learning to be confident and managing your ego.

2. Grant Cardone 

Having made a name for himself as a major real estate YouTuber, Grant Cardone’s channel is a treasure trove of marketing advice, investment tips and inspirational content for others in the business. And there’s good reason to take what he says to heart. Cardone founded Cardone Capital, an investment firm with $1billion in assets. 

3. LeAnn Henri

With a YouTube channel that showcases both her personality and her high caliber of real estate insight, LeAnn Henri has been making the most of the platform since 2009. Henri provides her audience with a realistic portrayal of a day in the life of a real estate agent in our turbulent housing market, posting about both the wins and the losses in her career. 

4. Mark J Kholer 

Mark J Kohler isn’t just a real estate investor, he’s also a CPA, attorney, best-selling author and video personality for Kohler is an expert when it comes to personal and small business tax law and he eagerly shares his wealth management prowess with the real estate professionals who follow his channel. 

Outside of his own channel, Kohler also guest stars in videos for other real estate professionals like this video on the best tax strategies for estate agents on the Marker Real Estate YouTube channel. 

5. Mike Shepard

Ranked in the top 30 Realtors on social media worldwide and number on social media in both Alberta and Calgary, Mike Shepard is all about helping other Realtors master the art of social media marketing. 

With nearly 3 million views, his YouTube provides advice on everything from how to dominate as a Realtor during a market shift to creating a step-by-step blueprint for Realtors utilizing YouTube

6. Jennifer Bergman 

As a newcomer to the real estate industry, Jennifer Bergman uses her platform on YouTube to help hopeful Realtors prepare for their new careers. Whether it’s licensing exam tips or insight into profiting during your first year, Bergman doesn’t lack professional confidence despite her relatively short time in the industry. And her audience can benefit from a healthy dose of positivity in her posts, making the rough days in real estate more manageable. 

7. Katie Lance 

If you want advice on the intersection of social media and real estate, Katie Lance’s YouTube channel offers actionable tips that you can start using today. Lance has made a name for herself as a keynote speaker specializing in social media strategy and tech trends for Realtors. She is also CEO and owner of a social media consulting firm, Katie Lance Consulting. Her company focuses on helping tech start ups, real estate brokerages and mortgage companies market themselves on social media in order to drive business. 

It’s never too late for your business to benefit from social media and YouTube can be a creative and fun way to reach an audience you may have otherwise missed. Now that you’ve got some inspiration from the Realtors above, getting started on YouTube is as easy as signing up and posting your first clip.