6 mobile apps to up your real estate game

What will you download first?

Our team has checked out popular apps in real estate so you don’t have to. Whether you are a single agent or have a whole team to provide for, there are tons of apps to give you a helping hand. The right app for you and your business is only a tap away, whether you prioritize user-friendliness, marketing capabilities or a low price point. 

In a quickly-changing market, you don’t want to waste time downloading and personalizing every app in your search for the best one. Use the list below to make informed downloading decisions with confidence.  

The app that does it all

PropertyBase: Marketed as the ‘all-in-one’ real estate app, PropertyBase is a CRM powered by Salesforce. In one app, agents are able to communicate with clients, manage marketing campaigns, organize leads and do it all in a uniquely branded interface. PropertyBase is available at various price points, but the cost is well worth the comprehensive experience. If you or your team needs one app to do it all, look no further than PropertyBase. When compared with other apps at the price point, functionality, and ease of use, this one comes out on top of our list. 

The free app

Zillow Premiere Agent: The Premiere Agent app can be downloaded at no cost for both iOS and Android users. Most other products offer free versions of their CRM and other offerings but reserve the highest functions for paying clients. With Premiere Agent, you get an advanced CRM and easy access to your Zillow listings. The app can also be customized for agent teams or individual agents. You can set reminders, tasks, and automatic communication. That said, Zillow’s Premiere Agent program is not free, so while the app and certain aspects of the app may be free, expect to pull out your wallet if you’re using it in conjunction with the paid program.

The user-friendly app

Buffer: If you are looking for a tech solution with a low learning curve and easy-to-use features, then Buffer is the app you need. This app allows you to schedule social media posts across all platforms in one place, respond to messages and comments in-app and search for leads. If you aren’t a social media guru, then this app can help you make the most of the leads that await you online. Don’t miss out on Gen Z and millennial buyers. 

The productivity app

Notion: Available in mobile and desktop forms, Notion is the digital planner that will transform your productivity. It is completely free for individual users with options to upgrade for teams for a small monthly fee. The platform is versatile enough to keep your business or even your personal life organized. Notion is set up through a series of personalized ‘workspaces’ that you can fill with lists, articles, links, and other personalized content that is all shareable. If you need a productivity platform for keeping your workday organized, on track and digitized, you can’t skip Notion. 

The marketing app

LabCoat Agent Marketing Center: Starting at $59/month, this app is well worth the investment. The platform offers social media marketing templates, email templates, online ads, and physical marketing materials like business cards, door hangers and flyers. The easy-to-use app allows you to create a graphic and post it online, from anywhere. Use the photos already saved to your digital device and start designing. The app’s built-in templates make it so that you don’t need to have an eye for design to create best-in-class marketing. Don’t cut back on your marketing costs just because the market is changing, instead, make an investment in the right tech tools like LabCoat Agent Marketing Center. 

The wild cardBroker Assist: This app bridges the gig economy to the real estate industry. We’ve added it as a wild card to this list because it’s price, range, benefits, and functionalities extend beyond a singular category. It is an all-around fantastic program that will simplify your workday. Easily find and hire real estate professionals to help with your tasks like delivering keys, setting up an open house or picking up documents. You can also make yourself available for hire on this app. If you are looking for the best app to round out your technology tool belt, this is it.

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