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RealTrending Episode 93: The Impact of Mortgage Forbearance, Homes Offices and Brokerage Segmentation

Welcome to the REAL Trending podcast where your host, Steve Murray, founder of REAL Trends Consulting and a senior advisor to HousingWire, offers insight and analysis on three trending real estate issues. Steve’s 30+ years in the industry allows him to give you a deeper understanding of today’s real estate business happenings.

In Episode 93, Steve discusses:

Mortgage Forbearance Impacts

“These mortgages that are in forbearance, obviously simply are either going to get worked out or these homes are going to be put on the market and sold. As I said earlier, the good news for the housing market is any number, even a large number of those homes, those 2.7 million homes, where the mortgages are in forbearance.”

Work From Home and Impacts on Office Space

“If we see tens of millions of office workers no longer going to an office routinely, there will be a similar downward spiral of the use of commercial office buildings of all kinds. Whether it’s a 6,000 square foot building or a 600,000 square foot building, there will be tremendous downward pressure on the use of office space if these reports and research trends continue.”

Brokerage and Agent Segmentation

“The market is now segmenting and agents are moving one direction or another and trying different models to find which one fits for them.”