Top Real Estate Agents in Oklahoma

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Rank – State SidesFull NameCompanyLocationSidesProfile
1Edna KimbleCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequah, OK 194.0View Profile
2Kurt HantwerkerKeller Williams Realty PreferredTulsa, OK 151.5View Profile
3Kathleen ForrestMetro Brokers of OklahomaEdmond, OK 147.0View Profile
4Donna ReidColdwell Banker Heritage, RealtorsPonca City, OK 144.0View Profile
5Amy MillerRE/MAX Realty PlusChandler, OK 138.0View Profile
6Julie BridgesRE/MAX ProfessionalsElgin, OK 136.0View Profile
7Joanna FordColdwell Banker SelectBroken Arrow, OK 126.2View Profile
8Kevin LynchRE/MAX ResultsBartlesville, OK 123.0View Profile
9Jenifer StevensonBenchmark RealtyShawnee, OK 116.0View Profile
9Jill GraumannRE/MAX Property PlaceAltus, OK 116.0View Profile
11Ashlee JackRE/MAX Property PlaceAltus, OK 114.0View Profile
12Brenda Spencer-RaglandRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 107.0View Profile
13Kat KosmalaERA Courtyard Real EstateOklahoma City, OK 102.0View Profile
14Betty BlackwellRE/MAX & ASSOCIATESMuskogee, OK 96.0View Profile
15Brenda RicheyKeller Williams Realty PlatinumOklahoma City, OK 91.0View Profile
16Joy BareselEngel & Völkers Oklahoma CityOklahoma City, OK 90.0View Profile
17Russ DidlakeKeller Williams Realty PartnersBartlesville, OK 89.0View Profile
18Alicia ParkerColdwell Banker SelectTulsa, OK 86.0View Profile
19Becky PoetColdwell Banker Heritage, RealtorsPonca City, OK 84.0View Profile
20Krista MartinEXIT Realty PremierOklahoma City, OK 83.0View Profile
21Ashly KumaKeller Williams Realty PlatinumOklahoma City, OK 79.3View Profile
22Jamie GoodnightKeller Williams Realty AdvantageTulsa, OK 78.8View Profile
23Amber Rae CollinsKeller Williams Realty PartnersBartlesville, OK 78.0View Profile
23Kristin BellKeller Williams Realty PreferredTulsa, OK 78.0View Profile
23Fran HarrellRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 78.0View Profile
26Ella CarterKeller Williams Realty PartnersBartlesville, OK 75.0View Profile
26Kimberly ThomasRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 75.0View Profile
28Maria ChuppColdwell Banker Neokla SelectPryor, OK 74.0View Profile
28Jilian GardnerERA Courtyard Real EstateOklahoma City, OK 74.0View Profile
30Liz GreeneKeller Williams Realty PartnersPonca City, OK 73.0View Profile
30Patricia CronkhiteRE/MAX Premier, REALTORSEnid, OK 73.0View Profile
32Kari HalfertyKeller Williams Realty PartnersBartlesville, OK 72.0View Profile
33Dawn HibbenKeller Williams Realty PlatinumOklahoma City, OK 69.0View Profile
34Suehzen MosleyCENTURY 21 Mosley Real EstateChickasha, OK 67.0View Profile
34Jeni WhiteRedfinOklahoma City, OK 67.0View Profile
34Leesa WilliamsKeller Williams Realty EliteOklahoma City, OK 67.0View Profile
37Paula BeauchampKeller Williams Realty PlatinumOklahoma City, OK 66.0View Profile
37Debra GentryRE/MAX Champion Land BrokersPoteau, OK 66.0View Profile
39Wrenda CockrellKeller Williams Realty Central OklahomaEdmond, OK 63.0View Profile
39Max SasseenRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 63.0View Profile
41Bryan FisherRE/MAX of DuncanDuncan, OK 61.0View Profile
42Janice KossColdwell Banker SelectSapulpa, OK 59.2View Profile
43Kristy BeisselRedfinOklahoma City, OK 59.0View Profile
43Corey RatzlaffKeller Williams Realty PreferredTulsa, OK 59.0View Profile
45Britney Woods (Smith)Coldwell Banker SelectBroken Arrow, OK 58.0View Profile
45Trina WardRE/MAX Champion Land BrokersPoteau, OK 58.0View Profile
47Robert SmithRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 57.0View Profile
48Susan RootColdwell Banker Realty IIIEnid, OK 56.8View Profile
49Stephanie TuggleKeller Williams Realty PartnersBartlesville, OK 56.0View Profile
50Kim ParkerRE/MAX ResultsOwasso, OK 55.0View Profile
50Hope LodesRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 55.0View Profile
52Kim NguyenKeller Williams Realty Green MeadowOklahoma City, OK 54.0View Profile
52Jeb PerryColdwell Banker SelectTulsa, OK 54.0View Profile
52Amber GregoryKeller Williams Realty PartnersBartlesville, OK 54.0View Profile
52Jeanne RockRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 54.0View Profile
56Carrie BallardColdwell Banker SelectOwasso, OK 53.8View Profile
57Sandi WalkerKeller Williams Realty Green MeadowOklahoma City, OK 52.0View Profile
58Jay MillerColdwell Banker SelectBroken Arrow, OK 51.0View Profile
58Tracy BoeckmanRE/MAX Premier, REALTORSEnid, OK 51.0View Profile
60Melanie CoonColdwell Banker SelectBroken Arrow, OK 50.0View Profile
60Tammy MitchRE/MAX Premier, REALTORSEnid, OK 50.0View Profile
62Anita RodgersCENTURY 21 Shirley Donaldson, Inc.Eufaula, OK 49.0View Profile
62Sidni ShockleyCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequah, OK 49.0View Profile
62Brenda KennedyKeller Williams Realty Green MeadowOklahoma City, OK 49.0View Profile
62Cathy CowanKeller Williams Realty PartnersBartlesville, OK 49.0View Profile
62Greg RobertsKeller Williams Realty Central OklahomaEdmond, OK 49.0View Profile
62Carol BassBenchmark RealtyShawnee, OK 49.0View Profile
68Kara FolkinsKeller Williams Realty AdvantageTulsa, OK 48.0View Profile
68Kadee FrenchKeller Williams Realty Central OklahomaEdmond, OK 48.0View Profile
68Jessica WilbournColdwell Banker SelectClaremore, OK 48.0View Profile
68Stacie MclainRE/MAX & ASSOCIATESMuskogee, OK 48.0View Profile
72Alane LegrandCENTURY 21 Global RealtorsStillwater, OK 47.0View Profile
72Chris MooreCENTURY 21 Goodyear GreenEdmond, OK 47.0View Profile
74Markus SmithKeller Williams Realty EliteOklahoma City, OK 46.7View Profile
75Kristin WintonColdwell Banker SelectTulsa, OK 46.6View Profile
76Elizabeth BeaubienKeller Williams Realty AdvantageTulsa, OK 46.0View Profile
76Justin SmithCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequah, OK 46.0View Profile
76Matthew FordCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequah, OK 46.0View Profile
76Debra ElliottKeller Williams Realty PlatinumOklahoma City, OK 46.0View Profile
76Karl JacobsRE/MAX of DuncanDuncan, OK 46.0View Profile
76Mycah BoydRE/MAX Champion Land BrokersPoteau, OK 46.0View Profile
82Amy HallCENTURY 21 Homestead RealtyPoteau, OK 45.0View Profile
82Liz PriceCENTURY 21 Homes PlusEnid, OK 45.0View Profile
82Juli Sunday EdwardsKeller Williams Realty PremierOwasso, OK 45.0View Profile
85Heidi McmurrayKeller Williams Realty PreferredTulsa, OK 44.0View Profile
85Susan OlivarezKeller Williams Realty AdvantageTulsa, OK 44.0View Profile
85Cheryl AndrewsCENTURY 21 Clinkenbeard AgencyMuskogee, OK 44.0View Profile
85Torrie VannColdwell Banker Realty IIIEnid, OK 44.0View Profile
85Sarah CaseyColdwell Banker Mike Jones CompanyOklahoma City, OK 44.0View Profile
85Ashley PelterBenchmark RealtyShawnee, OK 44.0View Profile
85Emory AllenRE/MAX Property PlaceAltus, OK 44.0View Profile
85Stacy AlexanderRE/MAX & ASSOCIATESMuskogee, OK 44.0View Profile
93Jennifer KraghSage Sotheby’s International RealtyOklahoma City, OK 43.5View Profile
94Joey KeckKeller Williams Realty EliteOklahoma City, OK 43.0View Profile
94Rebecca GleasonKeller Williams Realty MulinixNorman, OK 43.0View Profile
94Jamie HudspethKeller Williams Realty PartnersGrove, OK 43.0View Profile
94Barry GatesRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawton, OK 43.0View Profile
98Sandi SanchezKeller Williams Realty MulinixMarietta , OK 42.0View Profile
98Sharon LeachColdwell Banker SelectOwasso, OK 42.0View Profile
98Tara DaltonColdwell Banker Realty IIIEnid, OK 42.0View Profile
98Jennifer Miracle-HodgeERA Courtyard Real EstateOklahoma City, OK 42.0View Profile
98Tammie StoutRE/MAX All American RealtyElk City, OK 42.0View Profile
98Tonya JarvisRE/MAX ResultsOwasso, OK 42.0View Profile
104Jenna HarperSage Sotheby’s International RealtyOklahoma City, OK 41.5View Profile
105Monica MedleyCENTURY 21 Clinkenbeard AgencyMuskogee, OK 41.3View Profile
106Colette NaffKeller Williams Realty Green MeadowOklahoma City, OK 41.0View Profile
106Andrea DickersonCENTURY 21 First Choice RealtyGore, OK 41.0View Profile
106Pat HandKeller Williams Realty Green MeadowOklahoma City, OK 41.0View Profile
106Phil BoeversKeller Williams Realty PlatinumOklahoma City, OK 41.0View Profile
106Henry BrownRE/MAX of DuncanDuncan, OK 41.0View Profile
106Vicky JeromeRE/MAX SignatureStillwater, OK 41.0View Profile
112Bonnie FortuneRE/MAX At HomeEdmond, OK 40.0View Profile
112Laronna EdigerRE/MAX All American RealtyElk City, OK 40.0View Profile
112Dana CramerCENTURY 21 MillenniumCushing, OK 40.0View Profile
112Hannah SmithBenchmark RealtyShawnee, OK 40.0View Profile
112Skye AmosRE/MAX Grand LakeGrove, OK 40.0View Profile

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2022 Market Summary

Oklahoma started 2022 with a total of 5,268 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $260,000 and an average price per square foot of $164. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 8,807 homes on the market (+67%), with a median home price of $314,990 (+21%) and an average price per square foot of $179 (+9%).

At the start of 2022, the median days on market (DOM) was 63 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had increased to 77 days.

Oklahoma started the year with 21% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 34% of Oklahoma homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Oklahoma started 2022 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 48; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 30 – a balanced buyer and seller’s market.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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