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RealTrending: eXp’s Glenn Sanford

Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World holdings, addresses his critics about his agent referral program, where he is taking the company next and growth limiters for the brokerage.


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Organic MLS Integration for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate technology revolves around MLS. Clients search for properties on Google via their computer or mobile devices. A successful real estate website is the one that ranks on Google and is conveniently accessible for viewers. 

Just like your office, if your website doesn’t have access to updated and real-time listings data, your competitors with this type of data will be the ones who sign deals. 

MLS offer updated and accurate listing information to their members. To have access to this data, you need to build an IDX website. Before we discuss Organic MLS Integration, I think we need to define what IDX is. Later, we will take a look at the key difference between what typical IDX providers offer.  

What Is IDX?

Internet data exchange, or IDX, refers to a set of technologies that allow specific data to be shared on different platforms on the web in a controlled manner. 

Some forms of IDX are not organic, and people won’t be able to find them on search engines. An example of this is iFrames.

IDX technologies can be organic. In other words, you can create content on your website that is indexable by Google and as a result, clients will be able to find more quickly and easily.  Organic MLS Integration is a perfect example of such a technology. 

What Is Organic MLS Integration 

Organic MLS Integration is a service that allows you to receive listings data from your MLS and publish it on your website. All the web traffic is brought to your website and this allows you to improve your SEO.

It is a technology that allows you to pull the data directly from the MLS server. You can opt for a RETS Feed or RESO Web API, depending on your MLS. 


Benefits of Organic MLS Integration for Realtors

With Organic MLS Integration, you will be able to enjoy a series of technical and business benefits:

  • Display data from your MLS provider on your website: This solution helps you display accurate, updated, and real-time listings data on your website. The value of such data for lead generation is immeasurable.                    
  • Lifetime License—One-time payment: As part of your collaboration with Realtyna, you own your license. Updates are available for life. There are no monthly fees. This is a good way to cut your costs in the long run. 
  • Ownership of data: The data is also yours, and it will be moved to your website directly. You have the choice to host the data on your local server for SEO benefits. If hosting is an issue, you can always count on Realtyna’s hosting services to hold the data for you; another way to reduce costs.
  • SEO value: This is probably the most important reason you should use Organic MLS Integration. The listings data here is considered as organic content by Google, and a lot of ranking benefits come along with it.  
  • Speed: Realtyna’s hosting services are designed in a way that manages the flow of data, and it never allows servers to get overwhelmed. This way, you can be sure that you get better speeds. 

Learn More About Organic MLS Integration

A Solution for Real Estate in the US and Canada

There are nearly 700 MLS in the US. This number rises and drops every now and then, since some MLS merge, while some others emerge. Canada also has a growing MLS system, with DDF being its biggest pool of listings. 

It helps you pull listings using RETS or RESO web API feed. Even if your MLS or real estate board won’t provide such feed, you can still get the listings via Realtyna’s MLS API. For more information about this solution, please check out the following blog:

How Does MLS API Work?

What Makes Organic MLS Integration Different From Typical IDX Providers?

There are two ways to integrate listings onto your website:

  • Organic MLS integration
  • IDX Provider

An IDX provider acts as a middleman, receiving the data from the source and then migrating it to your website. Organic MLS Integration is one step further, and it brings listings directly to your website. A look at the following chart will tell you more about the differences:

MLS Integration

Realtyna’s Organic MLS Integration

IDX Provider MLS Integration

Display data from your MLS Provider on your website



Lifetime License – One-time payment



Ownership of Web Service Solution



Ownership of Data



Receivership all of SEO value



Independent from the service provider



Final Thoughts

In a world where most of the real estate business is shifting further to online services, higher ranking and ownership of your data become highly crucial. With the right set of technologies, just like Organic MLS Integration, you can have access to better and speedier services. As a result, you will be able to serve your clients better. 

Finally, we should keep technologies into serious consideration before implementing them or migrating to a new one. For more information and updates about the latest real estate technologies, make sure you check out our blog: Real Estate Technology

PhotoAmir is a content developer at Realtyna. He has a knack for creative writing and doesn’t believe in writing the same thing twice. His main interests are real estate technology and innovative marketing.

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