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Real estate is on its third revolution, from the digital revolution of the early 2000s to the information revolution kicked off by Trulia and Zillow to today's transaction revolution.


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New App Offers On-Demand Property Showings

First-Ever Real Estate App Jove For On-Demand Property Showings Launches In Philadelphia

 A new app to disrupt and revolutionize the real estate industry has launched in Philadelphia.


Jove connects home buyers and renters with real estate agents for instant and on-demand property tours. Jove is the first app of its kind and aims to become the Uber of real estate.

Benefits for Buyers

Instead of waiting for an agent to recommend properties, today’s home buyers typically take the lead by searching online. But after choosing properties to see, they have to schedule a time to view them with their real estate agent. The process is slow and depends on an agent’s availability. Jove changes that system.

With Jove, buyers and renters can meet agents for property tours immediately — within 15 minutes — or schedule a time at their convenience.

“Technologically, real estate is an ancient industry — almost nothing has changed since the 1950s,” co-founder and Real Estate Broker Steve D’Agostino said. “Thanks to sharing economy businesses like Uber and TaskRabbit, today’s consumers expect things to work on their schedules. Jove solves the problem of being stuck on an agent’s schedule and gets buyers into a property at any time.”

“Popular home buying sites like Zillow just put available listings in a nice User Interface and that’s really where real estate technology stops,” said co-founder and Real Estate Agent Jonathan Katz. “Jove makes life easier for buyers and agents. It’s the easy button to get through the door of a property.”

The team behind Jove spent 8 months developing the app, which already has a few dozen of the ‘fastest agents alive’ signed on to service Philadelphia-area home buyers.

Benefits for Agents

Real Estate Agents spend thousands of dollars on marketing and paying for leads to reach new clients. Jove is the fastest and most efficient way for an agent to get connected with buyers who are actively looking to purchase or rent real estate. Face to face meetings, like those facilitated by Jove, are much more effective than other marketing methods.

Agents also appreciate Jove’s flexibility just like with ridesharing apps, agents choose when they want to work. They receive and accept property showing requests from live buyers at their convenience.

Jove certifies every agent on the platform to make sure they’re licensed by the state.

At this time, agents may join Jove at no cost.

As co-founder Jonathan Katz, who is a Real Estate Agent himself, puts it: “This is the first true tool where you’re able to sit back and leads fall into your lap.”

How It Works

Jove pulls information from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is the database of home listings used by agents to list properties for sale or rent. Users can view homes on a map using their current location, a different location, or enter a specific address. For each property, the app includes photos, a description, and other information from the MLS. Jove, like Uber, is a paired request and dispatch application.

Buyers can request immediate, on-demand showings or schedule them at a convenient time. Once a buyer requests to see a property, an agent can accept the appointment. The buyer then reviews the agent’s profile and if they accept, the agent and buyer are put in touch with each other.

Buyers may choose to continue to work with the agent that shows them the house, but aren’t obligated to — Jove simply makes the connection to facilitate quick home showings.

About the Partners

Jove was created by four 30-year-olds with experience in the real estate and technology fields.

Co-Founder Steve D’Agostino is a Real Estate Agent, investor, and Broker with a team of 5 agents at his DRG Philly brokerage. Co-Founder Jonathan Katz is a Real Estate Agent and technology consultant. Co-Founder Josh Evans works in technology sales and is a real estate investor. Partner Alex Garashchenko is President of Doodle Applications, a company that creates innovative digital products.

All four partners currently live in and are natives of Philadelphia.

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