2018 REAL Trends Market Leaders

Ranking the top residential real estate firms in over 125 different metropolitan markets.

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We placed firms into separate metropolitan areas to compare how firms are doing by market relative to their peers. While we took care to locate each firm within a metropolitan area by the location of its headquarters, we are aware that the total of their production may, in some cases, fall outside that specific metropolitan area (as defined by the Census Bureau).

Unfortunately, real estate services firms don’t always expand in a manner approved by this Federal agency. In some cases we do use combined statistical areas as defined by the Census Bureau given the footprint of operations within various markets.

We have taken care to question every firm that had business in more than one identified area closely, to do our very best to be sure that the business they listed in one area didn’t truly belong in another and to be sure that their total production from these areas did not exceed the total of the report. And as always, firms that participated did so voluntarily.