Tips to Help Your Clients Prepare for Their Move to a New Home

As a real estate agent, you’ll witness a lot of moving days and you’ll see how things can go wrong when your clients don’t have adequate time to plan and organize their move. By the nature of your work, you may end up helping your buyers prepare for the big day. From hiring a mover to the packing and dealing with the stress of the week, you should do something to reduce the worries brought about by the relocation. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when helping your clients prepare for relocation and the move to their new property.

1.  Encourage Your Clients to Set a Moving Budget

If you’re a real estate professional, make sure your clients are happy. While the transaction is in process, advise them to prepare a budget so they know how much they can afford. List all possible expenses, from purchasing packing materials to hiring licensed movers. Take note, the transition can be financially beneficial if you have a budget in place to cover all the potential costs.

2.  Ask Them to Create a Master Moving Calendar

Having a moving calendar can help keep your clients on task. Urge them to list all the things that need to be completed before the moving day. Make sure they include all the necessary details to make the process as less tedious as possible. To get the most out of their calendar, it’s important that they consider the weather conditions when setting up their final move-in date. For instance, most homeowners would like to do the transition during summer rather than during cold, winter months. In the end, the calendar itself can serve as a realistic reminder that the upcoming move will be far from easy.

3.  Advise Clients to Collect Boxes and Packing Materials

While the transaction is going on, don’t hesitate to advise your clients about the best ways of relocating to their new property. Tell them to start gathering boxes and other packing materials for the move. They can go to the grocery stores near them to buy some boxes. Make sure they collect a sufficient amount of boxes before they start packing. Running back and forth to the store for moving boxes will just add to their worries.

4.  Remind Them to Declutter

Things will be much easier for your clients if they begin sorting through their things to cut down their possessions. They do not have to bring everything with them to their new property. Remind them to get rid of the things that they no longer need and use by selling them in a garage sale or donating to local charities. They can save a significant amount of money when moving fewer items.

5.  Tell Your Clients to Pack Early and Efficiently

When the transaction is about to end, it’s paramount that you recommend to your clients to pack their things early for the relocation. The earlier they prepare their belongings, the better. Tell them to create a packing schedule so they can do the process smoothly and without delays. Teach them to pack by room and make sure everything is organized before jumping to another area. If possible, they should use the appropriate packing materials for all their belongings, especially the precious ones. Also, don’t forget to advise your clients to mark their boxes with labels and seal them with packing tape. By doing all of these, unpacking will become a seamless process for them.

6.  Recommend the Hiring of Professional Movers

Moving is hard work and your clients need expert advice and assistance from a professional. Hence, it’s best to urge them to look for recommended movers for hire. A small investment in seeking out affordable and accessible moving help can make your clients happy as well as minimize the anxiety and stress brought about by relocation.

7.  Tell Them to Outsource a Post-Move Cleaning Service

After a few days of hard work, your clients can get the most out of their move if they invest in a professional cleaning. Perhaps their new property requires a thorough cleaning before they can actually get settled in their new home. So, never hesitate to hire cleaners to wipe off baseboards and polish windows.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new property can put an emotional, financial and physical toll on your clients. Give them some inspiring words and remind them of their original goal. At the same time, advise them to change their addresses and update their personal documents.

Author Bio: Dianne Abonita has been writing blogs for quite some time now. She is interested in a lot of things such as giving readers tips on how to hire a reliable moving company or how to find the best movers NYC. When she’s not busy writing, Dianne spends her time with her husband Francis and daughter Francinne. This is where she draws inspiration from to continually provide informative blogs to the different audience.