Real Estate Professionals It’s Time to Listen Not Talk

Are You A Good Listener?

I was at an event recently and someone came up to me. They were very, very talkative. We all know those people who are so talkative that they are oblivious to the fact that they are commanding all the moments in the room with their talking, right? People were standing in line waiting to get to me and this person was just talking and talking. Part of what they were telling me was that they are a new agent and that they are going to be a great salesperson because everyone’s always told them they’re a great talker.

I took this person to the side a little bit later and I said, “I want you to think about something: it’s so much better to be a great listener than it is to be a great talker.” Part of being a great salesperson is being a good communicator. That doesn’t mean filling the room with your words. Instead, it’s about paying attention, asking great questions of your prospects, questions about things that matter to them, and really listening to their answers, taking it all in, absorbing what they are saying.

I want you to think about that this week as you work with your clients. Think about the who, what, where, when, why, and how. Who are they? What are they looking to accomplish? When do they want to be there? Where would they like to go? What are the concerns in their mind? Who are they talking to? How will they be persuaded or make a choice to choose you? Your conversations should be constructed around great questions designed to get in their heart and their head so that you can assist them in the best way possible to achieve the goals that they have set.

I will warn you that if you’ve taken your DISC assessment, and if your I is in the high 80s or 90s, probably your friends and family would agree that you should talk just a little bit less. On the other hand, if your I is very, very low, you may need to push yourself to get in the habit of talking a bit more. By talking I mean asking great questions, questions that will unlock their motivation and their fears, putting those on the table so you can help them. If you haven’t taken the DISC Assessment you can take it here:

I have a great affirmation that I’ve always loved: “My job as a great salesperson is to help people overcome their natural fear and hesitation to achieve the goal that they have set.” To do that, you need to know what their goals are. So ask those great questions!

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