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Plunk launches AI-powered home analysis tool

Plunk, an AI-powered home analytics platform, has introduced a new tool called Plunk Pro that aims to transform the real estate market by offering real-time insights into home valuation, risk assessment, and remodeling possibilities.

The company’s new offering, Plunk Pro, provides real estate investors, advisors, and analysts with access to over 104 million homes nationwide. Users can receive real-time valuation data, predictive investment analysis, and thorough risk assessment.

In a market where stockbrokers and investors have been relying on real-time data for years and dealing with trades averaging $10,000, real estate has lagged behind, with deals typically worth much more. According to Ian Brillembourg, Plunk’s Head of Mobile Product, “The average sales price of a home in the US was $495,100 as of Q2 2023 — yet until now, there was no way for real estate brokers and investors to have access to real-time property valuation data and analysis.”

Plunk Pro, a web- and mobile-based application, will offer functionalities such as immediate home value determination, refined value adjustment, neighborhood comparisons, real-time market insights, remodel value estimation, and project recommendations for improving home value. These features are part of Plunk’s proprietary Dynamic Valuation Model, designed to improve accuracy and facilitate informed investment decisions.

Co-founder and CEO of Plunk, Brian Lent, stated that the company’s mission is to “unlock confident investing in the largest asset class in the world,” through the innovative use of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and other advanced technologies.

Apart from individual users and small teams, Plunk’s AI-powered home analytics will also be available for enterprise customers via API. The move promises to revolutionize how real estate professionals approach property investments by providing a clear and comprehensive understanding of various factors that influence home value.

With Plunk Pro, investors and real estate professionals now have access to an advanced platform that takes the guesswork out of property valuation and investment decisions, offering tools that could reshape the industry.

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