Luxury influencer Dina Goldentayer shares the path from rentals to luxury

On today’s RealTrending, Douglas Elliman‘s Dina Goldentayer shares the strategies and lessons she’s learned moving from rentals to becoming the No. 21 individual agent by sales volume in the RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand.

Goldentayer is not afraid of hard work and saying no to opportunities that don’t fit. More than that, she’s built a huge Instagram audience by focusing on being authentic and informative. She shares her success strategies and offers a framework for building a luxury business.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: I want to talk about some trends, specifically chatGPT. It’s like the hottest thing right now. Are you or your team using it at all? Or do you have any plans to use it? What are your thoughts?

Dina Goldentayer: I take my marketing descriptions very seriously. We have a multiple person policy. One person who is most familiar with the property and has visited the most writes that description and there’s a second person that checks it. And then I come in and give it my touch. So no, we have not embraced chatGPT because I take my marketing very seriously. I want my photos perfect. I want my description perfect. Could I see how other agents who maybe aren’t so into expressive and persuasive writing use it? Sure. Good for them. I mean, why not?

I read a stat once that only 8% of car purchases are done online and that 92% of people still want to go to the dealership and buy their car. And that made me feel really great about the fact that if people take their car purchase so seriously and want the human touch, then they take their real estate purchase exponentially more seriously. That’s the roof over their head. It really made me feel great that our profession as real estate agents will continue to thrive. And then we’re not going to be replaced by a bot on Zillow,

The RealTrending podcast features the brightest minds in real estate. Every week, brokerage leaders, top agents, team leaders, and industry experts share their success secrets, trends, and lessons learned navigating this ever-changing industry. Hosted by Tracey Velt and produced by Elissa Branch.

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