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Lion & Orb launches paid digital marketing platform

Invite-only +AdStudio to help clients create and manage ad campaigns

Real estate public relations firm Lion & Orb announced its entrance into the paid digital marketing space on Thursday with the launch of +AdStudio.

Developed with Seattle-based real estate technology company Evocalize, +AdSpace is an invite only advertising platform that allows users to make ads for Instagram, Facebook and Google.

“We realized early on that when we would secure media placements for clients, we needed a tool to promote those articles that featured their products and services quickly, for an extended period of time as a sales tool,” Audie Chamberlain, the founder of Lion & Orb, said in a statement. “With +AdStudio, we have really connected those dots, making digital advertising easy, cost effective, and efficient to execute.”  

In the past, Lion & Orb has helped clients with media outreach and news distribution. Lion & Orb stated that +AdStudio will help clients maximize positive industry media placements.

According to the press release, the platform helps users by streamlining the process of creating, managing, and reporting digital advertising campaigns, by integrating these steps into a single platform.

The platform features MLS integrations that allow agents to advertise new listings, just sold homes, coming soon listings and open houses, built-in targeted audiences, as well as the option to custom build audiences, and campaign strategies that include popular listing ads and PressLeads, a new lead-generating ad blueprint created by Lion & Orb.

PressLeads and +AdSpace were beta tested by DropOffer, a real estate platform designed to help agents find off-market properties for their clients. According to Lion & Orb, DropOffer used PressLeads’s ad blueprint and location-based targeting features to boost some of the positive press the startup has received. As a result of this test, Lion & Orb reported that DropOffer saw a 200% increase in daily registrations with a cost per new registration of $3.00 and cost per impression was $0.04.