Lasting Impact: eXp’s Glenn Sanford put virtual, rev share and equity in one package

Lasting Impact: Glenn Sanford, Founder, eXp World Holdings, founded the nation’s largest virtual brokerage and grew it into one of the four largest brokerage firms in the U.S. within less than 15 years after its founding.  Sanford combined a low cost, virtual model with revenue sharing and equity in its publicly held shares as well.

As business historians have commented, Henry Ford did not invent the automobile – he invented mass production which brought the cost down to a point where ordinary Americans could afford to have their own car. 

In the same way, Sanford, the founder of eXp, didn’t invent ‘virtual’ brokerage, or revenue sharing, or even offering equity of some form to agents, but he was the first to put them all together in one package. 

Sanford took eXp public in 2013 and shortly thereafter began to grow rapidly. Among other innovations was the online use of comprehensive online training and the use of Avatars and the metaverse to bolster its training and educational efforts for its now nearly 80,000 agents in the U.S.