KW Mega Team Leader Laurie Reader talks lead gen strategies

In today’s RealTrending, we speak with Laurie Finkelstein Reader, team leader of the Laurie Finkelstein Reader Team at Keller Williams in Florida. Her mega team has ranked No. 40 by transaction sides and No. 45 by sales volume in the Mega Team category of the 2023 RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand agent and team rankings.

Laurie shares her lessons learned as her team evolved into a teamerage and her success strategies for lead generation. She also talks capture rates for her in-house title partnership and her plans to launch mortgage and expand her team into other markets. 

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Laurie. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: One of the reasons that we’ve found for teams being profitable is that they’re spending a lot of money but they’re getting a lot of return for lead generation. Are you doing a lot in that space? What are you really doing as far as lead generation?

Laurie Finkelstein Reader: When it comes to lead generation — which is probably my biggest passion — it’s making sure that I have so many different ways. I look at it like big pie. Let’s just say there are 10 slices in the pie. For us, the goal is that at least 50% to 60% of that pie for lead generation is coming from self-generated team leads through branding. We brand in so many different ways. We market in so many different ways. And then we also partner with other companies, there’s so many out there.

And I’m pretty particular about who I will partner with — actually, I’m very particular. I do my research. I want to partner with companies that have very similar visions, missions, and that the outcome they’re looking for the consumer is similar. Because my biggest, biggest lead generator is repeating referral. Right? It’s that consumer. Clients have so many options. Consumers have so many options, and they should. I’m gonna click around until I figure out exactly who I align with.

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