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Keller Williams looks to level up Command

The brokerage launches new upgrades to the desktop and mobile application versions of its agent platform

Keller Williams is launching multiple upgrades to both the desktop and mobile application versions of Command, the brokerage’s agent platform and CRM solution, the company said Tuesday.

After launching a desktop version in February 2019, Keller Williams launched the mobile application version of Command in December 2021.

The new updates to Command include a lead management automation, which gives agents the ability to create rules that automatically tag and apply communication and marketing plans to a new lead; an automation in Designs, the firm’s marketing collateral creation application, that automatically embeds listings and agent profile information into marketing materials; digital business cards; the ability to import phone contacts directly into the Command app; a profit sharing widget that allows agents to track passive income earnings; and client inquiries and tour request widgets, which allow agents to view client inquiries and set up tours with listing agents.

Keller Williams executives say these enhancements were all made with the goal of increasing agent productivity.

“We want to give productivity back to the agent,” Dan Djuric, Keller Williams’ head of enterprise data and advanced analytics, said. “What can we deliver in terms of time and time is currency.”

In the early days of Command, the brokerage received quite a bit of criticism from agents who found both the mobile application and desktop versions of the platform to be “slow” and “clunky.”

“We use KW Labs as the way we take the pulse of how our agents use our technology,” Chris Cox, the firm’s chief technology and digital officer, said. “The things that we really focused on for this most recent release are things like the digital business card that were highly requested by our agents.”

Cox said the firm has also worked on the “teamification” of the platform by increasing opportunities for collaboration, including on marketing materials, and creating ways for team leaders to automatically send new leads to the team member best suited for the lead.

“We have made it so much easier for teams to communicate and interact,” Cox said.

Looking ahead, Keller Williams executives are working on ways to incorporate generative artificial intelligence technology into Command, including leveraging it to help agents write listing descriptions and blog posts, as well as creating a digital assistant tool.

“We are really focused on what is going to add value and help create more business, as opposed to just what is cool and sometimes those are one and the same and sometimes they aren’t,” Cox said. “I think another thing that distinguishes what we are doing is that we are building it inside of Command instead of launching it as a standalone service. We put a premium on delivering to our agents and team leaders and market center leaders these integrated technologies and we think that, that uniquely positions us to deliver value to them and support their productivity and the growth of their business.”

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