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“It’s still a seller’s market,” says Broker Rogers Healy

In this new video series, Rogers Healy, the owner and CEO of Texas-based Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, will offer his perspective of the state of the real estate market and how real estate agents can find opportunity and fine-tune their business and marketing plans.

Here are my weekly tips for what you need to know. Number one, play the short game. We saw a 6% decrease from June until July, which hasn’t happened in literally three years. So all y’all that have been waiting to take advantage of an opportunity. This is it. Whether you’re an agent, you’re a broker, you’re an owner, or most importantly, you’re a buyer that’s anxiously been waiting. Here’s your opportunity.

Number two, which has somewhat contradictory, but I hope you’ll appreciate it. It’s still a seller’s market. As long as the hogs get slaughtered and the pigs get fat, we’re going to be okay. Knowing that we have people that are driving the market, which is millennials. That’s my next tip.

Make sure to be aware of the people that are going to be considered the biggest chunk of homeowners. Right now, over 40% of first-time home buyers are millennials. And for the first time, 71% of millennials believe that home ownership is a good thing. If y’all remember, 10 years ago, millennials were the one that were kind of hurting our market, driving our rent price. But now since they had to have an opportunity to go and redo their perspective, millennials are actually buying properties.

The next thing obsess over finding great vendor partners, which is a code word. And it’s a translation for realizing you might not buy your dream property, but you can make it your dream property with a little bit of work. And all of us that have been in real estate for a long time, know that the best way to make money in real estate is on the purchase, which means you have to be creative.

And lastly, be realistic playing off all these other tips. You’re going to probably live in this house for three to five years, not 30 to 50. So take the mindset that this might not be your forever home. And because of that, all y’all that are watching this on the sales side, we’ve got job security all across the country because we have an awesome demographic that’s going to be driving our market for the next 20 years.