Five Home Amenities that Are Trending with Buyers

In the realm of real estate, most brokers and home buyers often prioritize big things like the location of the property, says Kelli Howison of Windermere Real Estate. However, there are a lot of other factors that are involved in how buyers choosing property—especially when they factor in the needs of their children. So if you’re aiming to line up property for buyers, you’ll need to understand what they’re looking for. Chances are, you’ll have a better idea when you keep an eye on the up and coming trends regarding house amenities. To that end, which particular amenities are worth presenting to property buyers?

Partial Open Space

Trends about the space around the home is a constant state of flux. Around a decade ago, it wouldn’t be surprising to meet interested buyers that are looking for fully segregated rooms in a home. Today’s market is of the opposite tangent. Roughly 86% of home buyers have expressed a desire to have a kitchen and living space that is either partially or completely open in its space, according to the findings of the National Association of Home Builders.

So, if you have a listing that is able to provide the option of having a space that can be modified, that’s something you’re going to want to play up with lighting and a demonstration. It also helps if the design of the kitchen allows for a visual appeal of more space like light-colored countertops or vertical shelving. Modular partitioning is also quite helpful in opening up or closing off spaces. You can offer this suggestion if the home has an excessively open feel to it between spaces.

Smart Home Technology

Beyond the design of the home, the gadgets that are built into the home add an extra layer of appeal for interested buyers. Some of the technology that can really make a difference would be programmable lighting and learning thermostats. Other smart home pieces that add to the value and appeal of the property would be security cameras, video doorbells, and wireless controls according to real estate agent Brenda Richardson.

These are features that homeowners would be able to access and control through the use of an app and ends up making usage more convenient and energy-efficient. Homes which have these features provide buyers with a well-equipped home that they may be able to modify to their heart’s content. This measure of control is important to buyers that would want to secure their loved ones and ensure that they are getting the most out of their property investment.

A Proper Laundry Room

While open space is popular for living and kitchen spaces, the laundry room remains to be firmly on the “properly segregated” section of the house. In fact, 91% of buyers want a dedicated laundry room that goes well beyond washing and drying of clothes, says Paul Sullivan of Sullivan Company. Buyers are looking for space wherein they may be able to do all activities that pertain to the laundry so they don’t have to go around different parts of the home for it.

Gone are the days of air-drying laundry on a clothesline. The buyers of today are seeking to keep their laundry discreetly tucked away into the privacy of their homes. If the property does not have a proper laundry room, Sullivan says that putting in one will cost about $1,000 to $10,000—depending on the size of it. The appliances that are added to the laundry room will also factor into the overall cost of it. So it would be good to be aware of any brands or specific features that would inspire the buyer into investing wisely.

An Energy-Star Rating

Homebuyers are now geared toward buying homes that allow them to save money in the long run. A whopping 94% of home buyers want an energy-efficient home or one which has a positive energy-star rating, according to the data of Brian Lewis of Compass. If the property has the option to put in energy-efficient appliances and features, this is something that buyers will be smart to play up. Properties which have features like solar panels or faucets that promote water conservation add more toward their final listing price as they are highly desirable.
Make sure that the property you’re showcasing is covered on all fronts: energy consumption, water usage, and gas output. It would be highly helpful to know the average measurement of each. Having the answers ready can help you assure buyers that are dedicated to purchasing a green property.

Clever Storage

Storage has certainly spiked up in its desirability in recent years. This can be in part to condos which cost a lot yet do not offer much in terms of space. Even homes which have more space seem to lack the ability to seamlessly provide storage without ending up with a cluttered mess. This is why potential buyers are seeking clever storage options around the home. Wall-mounted storage options are very popular for garages, kitchens, and work areas.

However, in areas where the company is expected, homeowners want their clutter kept discreetly out of sight. Built-in cabinets which blend into walls or seating areas are ideal for buyers that are looking to entertain in their home. It would be good to emphasize any clever storage options that exist within the property to further establish the spaciousness of the property as a whole.

When you’re trying to present the best virtues of a property, it always helps to understand which particular virtues are valued above others. That way you’ll be able to focus your presentation on what actually counts. Every property has its own charm but it’s how you package and demonstrate specific ones which will determine the difference between a sale and another unsuccessful viewing. The next opportunity you have in presenting a piece of property to interested buyers, make sure that you are armed with the knowledge regarding latest and reemerging home trends to know what you should emphasize and how.

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Ali Vale previously worked in real estate and property; once she had her two daughters, she now works as a freelance writer, covering anything to do with homes and finance. When she’s not slaving over a hot laptop, she’s spending time with her family and taking care of a menagerie of pets.