Dan Amdur on iBuying for the senior demographic

Today’s RealTrending features Dan Amdur, CEO of Moving Station, a company that specializes in senior relocation and offers a QuickBuy iBuying solution as a value-add. 

Amdur discusses iBuying, the mistakes made in the past and how iBuying is best done in partnership with real estate agents. He also discusses trends in the senior market and how to better serve this demographic through concierge services.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Dan. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: Let’s just talk general real estate trends. What are you seeing out there, whether it’s through consumer services, or how brokerages are embracing the consumer? Or maybe now it’s equally about the agent and the consumer? What are some of the trends that you’re seeing out there?

Dan Amdur: In the end, the consumer obviously pays everybody’s bills. We are actually focusing on providing services for the consumer, both at the brokerage level and giving the agents tools to provide better value to the consumer. But I mean, in the end, the consumer is the buyer, right? We need to provide services. How many times Amazon shows up at our door just illustrates the consumer wants convenience. Brokerages are bundling it into a one-stop shop. The industry is doing a very good job of adapting and listening to the consumer. The reality is consumers today want certainty and convenience. I don’t think this is going away.

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