Agent Sends Children of Buyers and Sellers to School for a Year

Agent Sends Children of Buyers and Sellers to School for a Year

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty agent Jessica Chan sponsors the annual tuition for the Chinese School of Southern Westchester (CSSW).

A first-generation Chinese American, Jessica Chan of Scarsdale, N.Y., was looking for a way to give back to the community. She didn’t have to look far.

“I feel so grateful that I live in a community where my children—two boys, ages 7 and 5—can go to Chinese school on the weekends,” said Chan. “CSSW is an integral part of my family’s weekend life and an important formal venue for my children to be educated on their Chinese cultural heritage and the Chinese language. I love the school, and supporting it is a great way to help build the community. This initiative is my token of contribution.”

Chan recently saw the program taken advantage of for the first time. After representing Dr. Charles Yau and Dr. Helen Park in their purchase of a Colonial residence near downtown Rye, she paid the 2019 tuition for the Chinese school for one of Dr. Yau’s children. Tuition is approximately $800 per year for each child.

“Charles and Helen were amazing people to work with. I am so glad I helped them find a great house for them to raise their family and focus on serving the Rye community,” said Chan.

Dr. Yau, who is a partner at RyeSmiles Pediatric Dentistry, turned out to be the dentist for the seller’s children, which helped him win the house in a multiple bid situation. Chan and Dr. Yau and Dr. Park met through their children, who are in the same class in CSSW.

For those who wish to support CSSW in some other way or the Chinese community more broadly, Chan said she will donate the money to the school for a scholarship, or contribute $1,000 to a local Chinese organization. Chan recently donated $1,000 to the Edgemont Chinese Association on behalf of an Edgemont neighbor who referred a friend to Chan who purchased a house through her in Edgemont.

Chan is extremely active in the Chinese community and also a strong supporter and frequent sponsor of the Edgemont Chinese Association, the Scarsdale Chinese Association and the Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA). In addition, Chan is the founder and President of the Westchester/Connecticut Cantonese Association and serves as Chief Marketing Officer for CSSW.

“I am so proud of Jessica for supporting her community in such meaningful ways,” said Brad Kimmelman, Scarsdale brokerage manager for Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty. “This cause is dear to her heart, and it is exciting to see her efforts making a difference in the Westchester community.”