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7 ways to build your real estate business through collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work

You know the old saying, “Two heads are better than one?” I love the idea of collaboration.
After all, if recording artists do it, why can’t real estate agents?

I mean, if Eminem and Ed Sheeran are doing it, it must be relevant, yes?

So, how do real estate agents collaborate with their communities to do good, build relationships and grow their businesses?

Here are seven ideas:

1. Collaborate with your favorite lender, title rep, insurance broker or inspector to host an event

This partnership has several obvious benefits: share the cost and stress of hosting a class or event, double the invites, and spread the relationships and trust around. 

2. Partner with a local business owner on a mail campaign

Think about plant shops, small bookstores, cafes, restaurants or food trucks. Send a postcard to your sphere or farm with valuable info and a discount to a locally-owned business…and make sure that they collect the postcards (which already have the recipient’s info on them) so that you can follow up…and they can, too. Totally easy win/win!

3. Give back. Nonprofits love to work with real estate agents

Sponsor a gift basket or auction item for an upcoming event, organize a volunteer day or simply raise money for an organization that is near and dear to your heart…and don’t forget to document and share, all of these activities help spread the word so that other folks can learn about the cause and get involved!

4. Collaborate with your colleagues

Believe it or not, not all real estate agents are cutthroat salespeople fighting for the spot at the top of the leaderboard. 

Most real estate agents are kind, generous and collaborative. Find like-minded people in your brokerage or community and share the energy! Put together a mastermind group or accountability team, or approach someone to be your partner in real estate…whether you’re just starting to climb the ladder or looking to take an actual vacation, the work is often easier (and your income will grow) when you’re not in it alone. 

5. Share your space

If you’re paying for a storefront or office or even just have a cubicle included in your monthly desk fees, is there a way that you can take advantage of that space? Partner with someone that works opposite hours as you do, allow a local artist to display their work for sale, or find a way to split expenses and time so that the cost is maximized!

6. Guest blog…or collaborate with guest bloggers

Publishing content is awesome, but it’s even better when someone actually reads what you’ve written.

Whether you’re looking to build your SEO and organic followers or if you’re hustling to get backlinks from popular news sources, it’s cool to collaborate (just make sure to partner with legit people/companies).

7. Don’t forget your customers

No matter where you get most of your business, I’m willing to bet that you attract clients who are like you…and because you’re entrepreneurial in nature (most agents are!) there’s a good chance that some of your clients are, as well. How can you support their business, career efforts or passion projects while they support yours? Can you source your closing gifts, marketing materials, business services and even basic needs and wants while at the same time helping your clients’ ventures? Super win/win!

As you’re settling into this new normal market, make sure to keep an eye out for potential collaboration opportunities, and you can be cool like Eminem and Ed Sheeran, too.

Stacie Staub is the co-founder and CEO of West + Main Homes and thrives on collaboration.