5 TikTok accounts every Realtor should be following in 2022

With an estimated 1.2 billion active monthly users in Q4 of 2021, TikTok is only gaining in popularity. By the end of 2022, TikTok is expected to reach 1.8 billion users, many of which are millennials and Gen-Zers. As these generations begin to dominate the housing market, Realtors need to know how best to reach them. 

While not all of us are natural TikTok pioneers, the five women of real estate below have proven real estate and the latest social media platform most certainly mix.

1. Steevie Soucie (@steeviesoucie)

102.3K followers, 2.4M likes

Steevie Soucie is a Canadian Realtor, and her coaching and mentorship are universally valuable. Soucie has grabbed TikTok by the horns and has used the platform as a way to share real estate tips and advice, especially for those who are just starting their careers. 

From how to choose a brokerage and managing a shifting housing market to navigating the real estate world as a woman and impressing clients, Soucie’s content is both educational and entertaining.

2. Madison Sutton (@thenyagent)

103.1K followers, 1.9M likes

There’s a good reason Madison Sutton has over a hundred thousand followers on TikTok. Not only is she an avid proponent of Realtors taking advantage of short-form content, she also provides excellent advice for those who are just getting their feet wet on social media. 

Sutton’s TikTok offers an amusing mixture of comedy, education and actual property listings that make her nearly two million likes completely understandable. In a recent post, Sutton even provided actionable advice on how Realtors can master the art of creating the perfect listing video using only their smartphone.

3. Glennda Baker (@glenndabaker)

830.6K followers, 13.5M likes


The truth on Tuesday! Bobby and Susie are being convinced to sell their home at a discount then making them buyers that are priced out of the market! #GlenndaBaker #RealEstate #AtlantaRealEstate #RealEstateTiktok #Zillow

♬ original sound – Glennda Baker

Atlanta-based Realtor Glennda Baker is the perfect example of how to make marketing yourself fun. Baker takes pride in being straightforward and showcasing her personality on her TikTok. She also uses her platform to motivate real estate newcomers by sharing inspirational videos that touch on her own career and her journey to becoming successful. 

Baker’s TikTok is a goldmine of real-world advice on everything from getting your first job as a Realtor and becoming confident to creating reliable and relatable social media content.

4. Nancy Almodovar (@nancy_almodovar)

9,298 followers, 147.9K likes


Everything around us is changing, we have to be able to adapt! About time we all grabbed a video camera. 🎥 #realestatetiktok #realestatemarketing #realestatevideo #viralrealtors

♬ original sound – Nancy Almodovar

When it comes to providing informative content with a personal touch, Nancy Almodovar knows what she’s doing, and she’s all about helping other Realtors succeed. Almodovar uses her platform on TikTok to share insight from her 18+ years of real estate experience and leadership. 

Beyond real estate knowledge, Almodovar doles out networking and marketing advice to her fellow Realtors. As a luxury agent, her TikTok also provides a glimpse into some of Houston’s most opulent properties.

5. Mari Juliette (@marijuliette)

514.2K followers, 19M likes

Miami CEO and real estate broker, Mari Juliette, is making the most out of TikTok with her female-centric expert advice. Other Realtors can find inspiration in Juliette’s virtual open houses along with an array of business tips that have helped her become the success she is today.

Juliette doesn’t shy away from showing her personal side either, giving her TikTok a personal touch that is sometimes missing in today’s modern real estate world. 

If you haven’t already taken to TikTok with your real estate business, there’s no time like the present. With some inspiration from the Realtors above, you could begin reaching a whole new audience faster than you think.