The Thousand

The Thousand, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal, and America's Best Real Estate Agents.

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The Thousand

This is the 11th year REAL Trends has created the ranking of the top sales professionals in the United States in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. The application process begins in January when we send applications to those who qualified in past years. Then, we contact national real estate brands so that they may encourage sales associates and teams to apply. We also work directly with all brokerage firms ranked on the REAL Trends 500 and Up-and-Comers and virtually every local and state Association of Realtors®. We invite each of these parties to either submit qualified candidates to us or to let us know who may be qualified, and then we reach out to them directly.

We require independent third-party verification on every sales professional and team. These take many forms, but the source for the verification must be independent of the sales professional or team that submits an application. We make no exceptions to this rule. We also verify whether a person submitting is an individual sales professional or part of a team, as we rank them separately.

The 2016 Thousand Rankings will be released on June 24, 2016. Check out our previous year's rankings below.

Disclaimer: In composing THE THOUSAND by REAL Trends as advertised in The Wall Street Journal and the REAL Trends Best Real Estate Agents in America rankings we reach out to request applications to virtually every leading brokerage organization, virtually all Realtor® associations and MLS and a variety of other sources. Even given this we recognize that not every eligible sales professional knows of this ranking report and there are some who prefer not to share their data with us. There are some that are missed. We do verify through third party sources every applicant's submission.