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real trending episode 56

REAL Trending Episode 56: It’s Earnings Season

REAL Trending Episode 56 It’s Earning Season [et_pb_audio…

REAL Trending Episode 55: Housing Market Factors, Compass Capital, Direction of Technology

REAL Trending Episode…

Housing Sales Slump Continues

Housing Sales Slump Continues What’s going on with housing sales? May existing-home sales continued a 13-month slide in year-over-year results….

New Realtor Membership Leveling Off

New Realtor Membership Leveling Off Indications are that the growth in new Realtor® membership may be leveling off.  Recent informal discussions…


Creating a Memorable Experience For Agents, Buyers, and Sellers

Creating a Memorable Experience for Agents, Buyers, and Sellers Many of the best performing brokerage firms had a particular “specialness”…

The Thousand

3 Record Stats From America’s Best Ranking Report

REAL Trends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals Rankings The results are…

realogy compass lawsuit

Realogy vs. Compass: Analysis and Possible Impact

Realogy vs. Compass: Analysis and Possible Impact On July 10, Realogy announced it had filed an action against Compass for…

real trending episode 54

REAL Trending Episode 54: Foreign Home Buyers, Litigation, Realogy vs. Compass, July 20, 1969

REAL Trending Episode 54 Foreign Home Buyers,…

real trending episode 53

REAL Trending Episode 53: Unveiling America’s Best Real Estate Professionals Ranking

REAL Trending Episode 53 Unveiling America’s Best…

When Will Big Data Make a Difference in Brokerage Strategy?

We reviewed a new dashboard from one of the largest transaction management firms in North America a few weeks…



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