Lasting Impact: RE/MAX Founder Dave Liniger for changing the agent-brokerage dynamic

Lasting Impact: Forever changed the relationships between brokerage firms and their agents with his 100% business model.

From its founding in 1973, Dave Liniger’s organization offered the concept that since the agent did most of the work building a client database, handling the sale or purchase of homes for their customers and getting deals close, they should receive the bulk of the compensation

Despite fierce and overwhelming resistance to his agent-focused business model, RE/MAX and its founder Liniger succeeded in becoming the largest firm in the U.S. and the world. His model changed the entire brokerage industry, particularly the economics of agents and brokerage firms and built an organization that also has led in average agent productivity for nearly 40 years.

The growth and development of RE/MAX caused every incumbent brokerage organization to change their compensation offerings and was instrumental in the 30-year increase in the agent’s share of the commission revenues. 

RE/MAX’s impact on the industry is seen in many of the fast-growth business models of the current period which also recognize the importance of the agent in every transaction in the industry.