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Hottest (And Coldest?) Homebuyer Names in 2017

Jan 5, 2018 2:49:06 PM


To say that millennials are the most popular generation entering the active home buying market is definitely a shock! Not. Pretty sure this has been covered by any and all media sources in our industry. However, Attom Data Solutions recently released a brand new analysis that still proves this point, but instead of focusing on overall ages of consumers their analysis comes from...first names! Definitely an fresh perspective on homebuyer data!

  • The biggest increases in homes purchased in 2017 were by buyers with first names popular among millennials —  Dylan, Chelsea, Austin, Alexandra and Taylor — all of which spiked in popularity as baby names between 1992 and 1995.


The biggest decreases were by buyers with first names popular among Gen-Xers and the pre-baby boomer Silent Generation and Greatest Generation — Gerald, Kristin, Stanley, Kurt and Jaime — which spiked in popularity as baby names between 1916 and 1976The names do vary by state so check out the heat maps below to see what names were hot — and what names were not — for 2017 homebuyers in your state.



None of the REAL Trends millennial home buyers made either list.     Does this analysis hold true for your clients? Let us know  in the comments!


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