The Future of Real Estate

It seems like technology is changing so quickly that it’s difficult to imagine what the world will look like in 15, 10, or even five years from now. Will driverless cars be nationwide? Will contact lenses get the smart treatment? Will robots take over the earth like James Cameron predicted in 1984’s The Terminator? The thing is nobody knows, and we will have to wait and see what happens.


When it comes to real estate, the future is just as unpredictable. Most likely, people will still need a place to live and raise their families. But, how will people buy houses? Will people auction off their houses to the highest bidder like they do in Australia? There are many ways things can change. People are already selling houses on websites like eBay. Will that be the way the next generation of people buy homes? Homebuyers could perform research online, view photos or virtual reality tours and place a bid. “Oh, you are moving from Delaware to Cleveland? Well, I’m moving from Cleveland to Delaware, want to trade houses?”


One thing that we can all see happening is that many new cars will run on batteries and not gas. Another trend is online video streaming may be the only way to watch a movie. Goodbye Blu-Rays, DVDs. VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, laser disks and Secletavision CED VideoDisc (ok those last few have been obsolete for years if not decades, but that’s my point). I love a good movie and I love showing off my collection of DVDs, but someday soon, the actual hard copy of a movie or video game will no longer be a thing. A few years ago, companies removed CD drives from computers. Eventually, game stations, like PlayStation 5 or the X-Box 2 will eliminate them as well. This would lead to many stores like Best Buy closing. After all, Netflix already took down Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Circuit City closed its doors some years ago, and in the generation of I want it now, now, now, online streaming will be the biggest money maker.


Shortly, there will also be a huge increase of medical tech to keep people alive longer. In the last few decades, kidneys, hearts and other organs have been transplanted from person A to person B. Lately, there have been hand transplants and a brain transplant. Someday there may even be a pill or vaccine that will cure all known diseases.


The future will be a wild and weird place, filled with technology and items we can’t currently even fathom. In 1899, the head of the patent office, Charles Duell, quit because he claimed everything that can be invented had been. That was before cell phones, microwaves, television, computers, and even airplanes. What’s next? It will be fun to see.

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