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Evite Launches New Real Estate Invites

Jul 26, 2018 7:15:06 AM

Evite Launches New Real Estate Invites

Evite, an online and text invitation service, best known for online birthday party invites, recently introduced new product offerings designed specifically for real estate agents planning their next Open House or another professional event.

Today, the company launched its first-ever Annual Premium Pass, which will allow customers to access unlimited Evite Premium digital invitations for a full year for one low annual price. Evite Premium offers the ease of digital invitations (including text and email options) featuring fully-customizable high-end designs and a completely advertisement-free experience.



The Evite Premium experience includes fully customizable digital invitations, envelopes, stamps, and inserts. It provides the flexibility and ease of digital invitations with the look and feel of printed invitations, all in an advertisement-free experience. Evite Premium is ideal for professional use, corporate events, office holiday parties, open houses, and party hosts who simply want to set their events apart.

Evite’s first-ever Annual Premium Pass allows customers to access unlimited Evite Premium digital invitations for a period of 12 months for one low annual price. While Evite will also continue to offer ‘per event’ pricing for its Premium products, the Annual Premium Pass will save money for most customers who host more than two events per year.

Examples of the Open House events

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