Larry Kendall


Managers, Stop ‘Pushing Strings’

Are You Pushing Strings? Are you over-committed to an uncommitted group of sales associates? “Pull the string, and it will follow…


Creation Vs. Competition

Rethink what it means to be competitive by injecting creativity The most successful business people I know focus more on…

sales slump

Coaching Your Way Out of a Sales Slump 

Slump Busters!  All salespeople, even the best, will hit a flat spot and experience a sales slump. Your mission is…

company core

What is Your Company Core Built On?

When you know your people’s passion, their purpose, or their why, and link that up with selling real estate,…

The Value Mindset Are You a Master at Creating Value?

Are You a Master at Creating Value?

The Value Mindset Are You a Master at Creating Value? Can you recognize value? More importantly, are you creating it? By Larry…


Lose the Word Accountability

Instead, be a coach and help sales associates by turning talent into production. When I meet with real estate managers…

Old School Predictive Analytics

Old School Predictive Analytics Generate Move Scores 

Predictive analytics is one of the new sciences that is capturing the imagination of our industry. One can…

a leader's job

A Leader’s Job: Clarify the Future For the Confused and Afraid

  What keeps you up at night and why you should sleep soundly. “If you manage my fear of the future,…

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