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zavvie partners with MoxiWorks to integrate offerings and expand reach

MoxiWorks COO Jim Crisera said the integration will allow real estate agents to remain central to transactions

zavvie, a software company that helps sellers compare offers from iBuyers, on Tuesday announced it was partnering with CRM proptech startup MoxiWorks. The goal of the partnership is to integrate zavvie’s offerings into MoxiPresent and expand its brokerage reach to include MoxiWorks’ 800 brokerages and 400,000 agents in the U.S.

MoxiPresent is a comparative market analysis (CMA) and real estate presentation tool that offers updated MLS data every 15 minutes, the company’s website states. MoxiPresent shows iBuyers offers for sellers, along with information on power buyers offering cash offers and bridge loans for homebuyers and owners.

On the other hand, zavvie’s platform allows brokerages to co-opt home buying and selling by providing a platform with market data and proprietary technology. It enables agents from these brokerages to get estimates by entering the property details on zavvie, request offers for home sellers by filling out a survey themselves or the homeowners, and present offers through a comparison report. 

According to a statement from zavvie, over 65,000 real estate agents in 47 states use zavvie’s technology. 

“With the entrenchment of iBuying and the emergence of Power Buyers, sellers and buyers have more choices than ever, and that’s why they will continue to rely on a professional real estate agent to help them determine what path is best for them,” Lane Hornung, zavvie CEO and co-founder, said in the statement.

Jim Crisera, COO of MoxiWorks, said this integration will allow real estate agents to remain central to transactions.

Bankrate reported in early October that over the last few months, iBuyers had been pulling back purchases or not providing offers that were as generous as the offers during the start of 2021, owing to home prices cooling down, which made sellers cautious.

“They were buying houses like crazy in the first half of the year,” Stefan Peterson, co-founder of zavvie, told Bankrate. “Then in July, they really put the brakes on. They’re just not making a lot of offers. The market’s risky right now. It’s unpredictable, and they’re responding in an appropriate way.”

Peterson told Tracey Velt in an October interview that despite “choppy” marketplace conditions, consumer acceptance of solutions remains strong.

“I think the relevant fact for real estate professionals is that power buyers are a great solution for higher price buyers. And for you know, buyers who are also selling usually move up to a higher price point,” he said.

In February 2022, MoxiWorks acquired ActivePipe, an Australian company providing email marketing tools to more than 40,000 agents across 2,500 brokerages. This was a part of MoxiWorks’ proptech expansion plan, including acquisitions of reeazily, renamed to MoxiBalance and Imprev, renamed to MoxiImpress.