Top 7 Real Estate Marketing Niche Opportunities

There are many highly successful property agents and brokers that have narrowed their land marketing niche focus to a selected region, a kind of property or a category of consumer. Recognizing the opportunities that are out there and selecting a distinct segment that appeals to will end up being a lucrative strategy.

For Sale by Owner Properties (FSBO’s)

Don’t discount the FSBO property as not worth your time. These sellers will, in many cases, find that they haven’t got the power to successfully market their home and end up listing with a real estate professional. Structure a marketing plan around helping these sellers  promote their property and that they will frequently see the complexity of the task and make a choice to list. 

Resort and Vacation Homes

If you’re in an area that appeals to vacationers and people searching for getaway properties, this may be an awfully successful niche marketplace for you. With most prospects coming from outside your area, a decent internet marketing strategy can position you as the area expert . Providing usable information to out-of-area buyers will get your business, and at some point they’ll likely be your sellers also.

Hispanics Are a Growing Home-Buying Group

Hispanics as one of the nation’s largest minority groups.. With a median age of 27, this group is likely to comprise an outsized chunk of the first-time home buying market. Take a look at marketing venues which will attract this group and determine their needs and fill them while also marketing to all ethnicities.

More Singles Are Buying Homes Once a Year

With almost 90 million unmarried and single Americans, this is a niche you can’t ignore. Somme 55 million households are headed by unmarried individuals, and 54% of them are women structure. Real estate professionals who embrace the differing needs of these heads of households will surely find a wealth of opportunity.

Baby Boomers or Seniors Are Still Around

Different income considerations and special housing requirements make this a great niche market. Determine their needs and develop marketing and services that are tailored to them. Examine the SRES® Designation (Seniors property Specialist) to position yourself as a specially trained professional serving the requirements of this age bracket.

Helping First-Time Buyers Is Fulfilling and Profitable

First-time buyers are unaccustomed to the whole process, with anxiety about financing, inspections and nearly every facet of the transaction. They need your help. It’s a great feeling helping them into their first home, and this niche market could be a large one. Develop marketing and transaction information materials that may help them understand the basics of the transaction. They’ll be a large source of future repeat business and referrals.

Condominium Buyers and Sellers Offer a Good Niche Opportunity

Nationally, there has been an enormous growth in the number of condominium communities within the last decade, particularly in resort and vacation communities. In many cases, the owners use the condo only partially and need to rent it out at other times. It can result in referrals to management firms or to your own business.

Author’s bio: David Hoang works as a copywriter for Write Any Papers. He used to be a web developer, but he decided to change his career. In this case, David has an opportunity to tell others how to apply different solutions.