The top 3 AI-scheduling tools to streamline your real estate business

Hey Siri, reschedule that afternoon meeting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town! Nearly every proptech and software company is on a journey to create the next best AI-based tool or platform. In late 2022, ChatGPT took the world by storm. Now, real estate pros are wondering what else AI can do for their business. 

AI calendar tools can take your real estate business to the next level. If you’ve been relying on generic, “smart” calendars, then you know that they create a static, one-size-fits-all approach. With AI-based calendars, the scheduling tool will adjust to your unique habits, routines and preferences. 

Use AI calendars to schedule showings, block your calendar for focus time or connect with new leads. 

Below are three AI calendars on the market. Add them to your technology stack and watch your real estate business become streamlined like never before. These tools will automatically re-schedule when a last-minute priority appears, sync your whole team’s schedule and adjust future time blocks to the time it takes you to complete tasks. 

1. Clockwise

The Quick Breakdown:

  • Free plan available; paid plan starting at $6.75/user/month
  • Integrates with Slack and Asana
  • Good for teams
  • Data geeks red alert, it tracks your workday analytics!

Clockwise is an AI-scheduling tool that works as a solo tool, but it is also great for whole teams to sync their calendars and work smarter. Clockwise will allow users to input their “ideal day,” and it takes the reigns from there; scheduling focus work time, muting notifications and setting aside a lunch break at the best time of day per your meeting schedule. 

When you sync Clockwise with Slack, it will connect with the calendars of your whole team to find the best meeting time slots. You can even reserve certain days to have no meetings for a truly focused day. 

There is an analytics tab where users can see how many meeting conflicts Clockwise has solved for and how many schedules it has assisted on. Users can also keep track of the hours they now spend productively working in the “focus hours created” section. 

For real estate pros who need to find time for deep work, or who need to sync up with their whole brokerage or team, Clockwise gets the RealTrends vote. 

2. Reclaim

The Quick Breakdown: 

  • Free plan available; paid plan starting at $7.80/month
  • Organizes your calendar based on recurring habits
  • Syncs with any other calendars or meeting software
  • Balance your work life and personal life like a pro

Reclaim is an AI-scheduling tool that prioritizes repetitive habits like 1:1 meetings, gym sessions, team calls and picking up the kids from school. It can be hard to keep a healthy work-life balance, especially in real estate when a client could call for a showing at any time. That is why a scheduling tool that keeps track of all your appointments — not just work meetings — is essential. 

The main screen of the platform allows you to set working hours, identify high and low-priority habits and assign the AI’s level of freedom. If you want the tool to proactively change meetings, set focus time or remind you of upcoming deadlines, then it can take the reigns. If you like a more manual approach, then you can ask Reclaim to step back. 

The tool’s ability to re-work your schedule so there’s time for next week’s closing and your team member’s retirement party, is impressive. It will find the best time slot for everything. 

3. Kronologic

The Quick Breakdown: 

  • Pricing varies
  • This tool is an AI scheduling assistant, so you don’t have to hire one
  • It’s great for following up with leads and nurturing clients
  • Great for high-volume offices. 

Kronologic can handle high-density scheduling and has AI-powered language recognition tools that mean your team doesn’t have to get involved with communication unless you want to. 

The app will keep track of your lead conversion rates, so you can see the results in real-time. It will sync your whole team’s calendars and those of your leads and clients. Plus, with the communication tools inside this platform, there’s a whole lot more to explore than simply scheduling. Send emails, schedule communications and social posts and analyze the data of your outreach later. 

For established real estate offices, this tool could be a game changer.