The ‘must haves’ on every luxury homebuyer’s list

Highlight these amenities in your next luxury property listing

According to a recent Sotheby’s International Real Estate report, certain home features are rapidly gaining popularity among luxury homebuyers. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners’ priorities have shifted. They’re spending more time at home, and so they want luxury amenities right at their fingertips. 

When you imagine the ideal luxury property, it wouldn’t be complete without outdoor spaces, wine cellars and massage rooms. As an agent in the luxury market, highlighting these features in your listings could garner extra attention and faster offers. 


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners have been fleeing urban life in favor of properties that get them closer to nature. Any luxury property that sits on a large piece of land, or one that has easy access to walking trails, state parks or water features, will be a huge hit with your homebuyers as they seek the quiet life away from the city. 


As stated in the Sotheby’s report, 75% of affluent Americans reported that they would spend more money on an eco-friendly brand. That includes their homes, their cars and their clothing. As the age demographic of homebuyers gears younger, these priorities will become even more important. “When it comes to Gen-Z respondents, 58% say they prefer recycled products,” the report stated. And a, “record levels of buyers are under 40 years old.” Properties that feature solar panels, recycled building materials, rainwater barrels or electric car charging stations will be big selling features for younger buyers. 


If your next luxury property listing is overseas, beachside or nestled in the wilderness, take the time to focus on the location in both photos and descriptions. A unique location is a top priority for luxury homebuyers, according to the report by Sotheby’s. Whether it is a tax-friendly destination or the increasingly-popular Asian market, buyers in the luxury space are focused on the location of their property more than ever. Right now, Dallas and Seattle are both seeing an increase in the luxury market. 

Wine cellars

Why wine cellars? According to the Sotheby’s report, wine investments are the latest trend in investing. While the rest of the market fluctuates, returns on wine investments are remaining strong. Buyers in the luxury market are also, likely, investors in the wine market. Therefore, luxury homes with wine cellars will be at the top of the list for homebuyers. If your property features a wine cellar, don’t skimp on the photos or fantastic descriptions of the room. 

Health and Wellness

Just like outdoor living and eco-friendly home options, health and wellness saw an increase in importance among homebuyers after the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives forever. Home amenities like massage rooms will put a property over the top for luxury homebuyers. Massage rooms are unique features that allow homeowners to create a relaxing space to focus on their health and mindfulness. Dedicated home gyms or pools would also fit into this health and wellness space.  

When it comes to listing your next luxury property, keep an eye out for these features and talk them up to any potential buyers. 

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