Technology Showcase: RealEye

RealEye is a unique program that allows you to gain valuable insights into online consumer behaviors by using webcam eye-tracking software.

The Challenge:

One of the recent breakthroughs in marketing and web design has been the ability to use heat maps and robust website analytics. A heat map, in the world of marketing, is defined in the Digital Marketing Glossary as:

“A visualization map allowing users to see where and how visitors interact with a webpage. The brighter or hotter an area is; the more interactions there are. Red areas are the areas with the most interactions and a cold color like blue marks areas with less activity.”

Typically, heat maps work by targeting unique user behavior such as scrolling, mouse movements and time of mouse movements, as well as other data points. Heat maps are used to determine how engaging a website is. Are people reading what you are writing? Are most people making it to the call-to-action (CTA)? The heat map will allow you to see how far down people are scrolling, so you can place that call-to-action at the perfect spot. Also, where are visitors clicking? Is it where you want them to click? Use heat maps to help remove the roadblocks that are affecting your CTRs. But what about unconscious behaviors that users might take on your website?

How RealEye works:

This tracking of unconscious behaviors is what makes RealEye unique. Unlike previous models that monitor clicks and mouse movement, RealEye uses webcam eye-tracking software that follows user’s eyes so you can track what people are looking at on your website. RealEye has a group of website testers who interact with the site using the RealEye program and then provides detailed feedback to web developers. It works by recording behavior as data points. When a user looks at a particular spot on a web page, this point is plotted on a heat map. 


Is RealEye Worth It?

What can real estate professionals do with this information? Website testing is the first thing that naturally comes to mind. Tracking the movement of the eye, rather than the mouse, is a better natural representation of where consumers are on your webpage. If you are a brokerage that just rolled out a new website, RealEye can be valuable in getting the initial feedback about your site by providing useful data on how consumers perceive each page from the home page to your listings pages. Real estate professionals can get started for as low as $59 for a single website URL.