Study: Real estate agents, brokers make community giving a priority 

Realtors volunteered an average of four hours per month in their communities, and 79% of those surveyed made monetary donations to charity last year, according to the National Association of Realtors CARE (Community Aid and Real Estate) report. In addition, charitable giving jumped 20% as the typical Realtor association donated more than $12,000 to their community last year, up from $10,000 in 2020

2022 has been an exceptionally busy year for real estate professionals. However, despite the uptick in work, Realtors have continued to play an important role in their communities when it comes to charitable activities. 

Besides the impressive 20% increase in charitable giving by the Realtor Association since 2020, below are some of the key takeaways from the report. 

Realtors are still deeply involved in their communities

As pillars of their communities, the Realtors and Realtor associations have prided themselves on the charitable activities they participate in on an ongoing basis. According to the report, two-thirds of Realtor volunteers do so on a monthly basis. 

In the September 2022 CARE Report, monetary donations increased in comparison to 2020. This means that charitable activities weren’t just based on the pandemic and members are truly making their communities a priority on a regular basis. 

This year, Realtors were most likely to volunteer with food delivery to the elderly and food banks to aid in Covid-19 relief. 

Some 85% of associations held events that encourage their members to volunteer. One recent instance of an association volunteering event was the Clean Up Florida’s Waters effort put on by the Florida Realtors association. The event showcased local Realtor associations joining forces to clear over 18,000 pounds of garbage and debris from 36 miles of waterways across the state. 

Moreover, 79% of Realtor members at large made donations last year and respondents largely maintained their charitable activities since the outbreak of Covid-19. The typical amount donated annually was $800, up from $700 in 2020. General members at large who donated annually gave a median of $1,200, another $100 increase since 2020. 

Broker-owners are also doing their part to give back 

2022 saw 77% of broker-owners volunteering on a monthly basis and 90% made donations last year. While these numbers are down slightly from 2020, they still signal the importance of community engagement for broker-owners. 

For all broker-owners, the number of hours spent volunteering each month was eight and of those that volunteered, the typical number of hours spent volunteering monthly was 10. These numbers match those of 2020. 

Additionally, 90% of broker-owners donated last year with the typical amount donated annually being $2,300, a significant increase from the $1,800 average in 2020.

Real estate professionals continue to be pillars of their communities and deeply involved with charities in their areas, showing the impact those in the real estate industry have on their communities.

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